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I still think the hospital should have done all this, after all they are totally obsessed with pee and poo, and if she was incontinent in hospital they know all about her "output". They should have sent all the details to the GP BEFORE DISCHARGE. Surely they could fill in a form like this over the phone to a District Nurse or similar?
If Stephen forgives me for a moment ... academics involved ... several spectalities ... perhaps time for carers to have one for themselves ... " Swiss Army Knife ? "

Never ceases to amaze me ... how many academics and ologies needed to perform a simple task ... provide a common , essential good to one person without complications.

Then add on NHS hospital under one area's juristriction , end user and local gp services in another ... possible post code lottery ?

Imagine ... or on reflection ... don't imagine ... if good needed was a bottle of life saving oxygen ... as is common in these parts ?

Whatever happened to good old fashioned common sense ?
I remember reading on another forum that Llidls did good cheap pads , i went to look once but they didn't have any but worth a try.
Still available ... so it seems ? ... xi_12.html

Close pop up window.
Thanks Chris- that is so much cheaper than leading brands
Price should not come into the equation ... in Stephen's case ???

The fact that it does is par for the course whenever us poor carers need to rely on those outside even to do the most simpliest of things right ... deliver from A to B ... without passing through C / D / E etc. ... as per some taxi drivers on the make ... and taking a tea break ( Bureaucratic delays ) inbetween ?
Hopefully will be fully funded but seems an age waiting fo rincontinence apt and then another age if you have to fill in forms as evidence so may help if anyone needs to purchase any in the meanwhile
Thanks all, I plan to ring the Community Health Team tomorrow and explain the situation, although I fear this will get me nowhere. We have carers in three times a day and the fact I've been told we need two at a time shows its unrealistic for me to spend time measuring Mums urine when I'm on my own when my only concern is getting Mum to the loo and back in one piece. As has been said, sometimes just a little common sense is necessary.

I've been a carer now for Mum for eighteen months and it's been a complete pleasure until recently, her deterioration over the past two months has been scary to say the least. When she's in bed at night and I get my "alone time" its so re-assuring and useful to be able to read the forums on here and learn how others cope. So again - thanks.