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Referral for free Incontinence Pads - Carers UK Forum

Referral for free Incontinence Pads

All about money
Has anyone else been able to get free incontinence pads? I was told my Mum should be eligible and was referred by my GP.
Today I've received a horrendous form to complete, they want Mum to wee in a jar for three days to measure how much she's doing, describe the type of stool type along with times etc.
Now Mum only came home from hospital a week ago after a second stroke and a fractured spine, she can just about walk on a zimmer frame and has already fell once, just getting her on and of the loo is an achievement without any extra hassle. She also suffers from Dysphasia so I can't ask questions the form asks like "did you have to strain" and "did your bladder fell full".

It's almost like it's being made impossible for me to apply, as I've already spent £18 on pads in the first week, it a bit of help we could really use.

Has anyone found a way around this horrendous form?

Hi Stephen. My Mother came to live with me after suffering a bad stroke, she is confined to a wheelchair. All I had to do for her to get incontinence pads supplied free was a referral from a district nurse, the nurse came out a week after Mum was discharged from hospital. We have deliveries about every 3 months, Mum is allowed 4 pads a day, actually use 5 aday so I order extra when needed & just pay for those. Maybe it is different if you have more savings etc which my Mum doesn't.
Good luck
This should have been sorted out by the hospital before discharge! Does the surgery have a Continence Nurse? She should be able to provide some regardless of whether mum can fill in a form or not!!!
Thanks for the replies, I'm guessing this is just another of those postcode lottery moments.
I assumed as Linda kindly stated that a District Nurse would come out and do an assessment, but the letter states they will only come out after the three day diary has been completed.
The hospital sent Mum home with four pads meaning I had to order a next day delivery at our own cost.
I almost want to scan this form and send it to the local newspaper its so ridiculous, it even has a numbered diagram of different stool types to describe, which is hard to follow when the stool is in a pad (sorry to be crude)!
My GP said to ask our regular District Phlebotomist for guidance on the form when I brought it up with her.

I know this is only a little thing, but as Mum is self funding and care costs are going to be greater than income for us, every little helps. While I like to think of myself as an honest person, I'm almost tempted just to complete the form purely by guesswork.
This sort of thing should be provided by the NHS free, I believe.
Is mum claiming Attendance Allowance now? If not, put in a claim asap.
Mums been getting attendance allowance since I took over her care in May 2016, and like many on here my only income is £62.70 carers allowance for what is effectively over a 100 hours working week as if Mums left alone she will try to get up and move on her own.
NHS Choices web site ...

Can I get incontinence products on the NHS?

https://www.nhs.uk/chq/pages/can-i-get- ... e-nhs.aspx

I hope it helps.

In my day , from memory , the Practice Nurse arranged everything on instructions from the gp ( Oulton Broad , Suffolk ).

Every three months , half a room full of boxes used to arrive ( Linda's post ... similar result ).

Email advising delivery the next day ... be in ! ... made sense then as it does at anytime ... if only all delivery services did the same ?

Times seem to have changed ... since 2000 / 2001 ... for the worst ?
Thank you Chris, it's so nice to know your not alone. As you said, times have changed, for the worse.
I have no choice but to fudge the form, I'm not sitting Mum on a jug to count how many millimetres of wee she's done, or looking at her stool trying to work if its a sausage or partly formed stool (their words not mine).
I've got an incontinence nurse visiting next week and dad has been in and out of pads ifor over a year, last 6 months almost permanently . I've been keeping my own notes so I will present them to her in the hope of avoiding the beaurocracy but I doubt if it will work- as you say totally impossible to measure.
Stephen_16071 wrote:
Mon Nov 06, 2017 9:29 pm

My GP said to ask our regular District Phlebotomist for guidance on the form when I brought it up with her.
what the hell has a Phlebotomist to do with incontinence ? they collect blood samples for testing !
As the others have said you either need the Continence or District Nurse to make an assessment.
(In the meantime a quick check with your local Charity shops might help - the one I volunteer in regularly gets donations of new, unused pads to sell in the shop and as we sell them for a fraction of the price they sell very quickly)