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Reduction in Carers allowance. - Carers UK Forum

Reduction in Carers allowance.

All about money
How low must the C/a get before something is finally done to challenge the legality of councils decisions to demand that I have to now pay £5 from my C/A per week for this odious bedroom tax.
I have no evidence of this money going anywhere worthwhile,I now exist on £57pw.
Just what is being done,after 15 years of caring I want answers.
Stop blaming IDS for all this,one man is not intelligent enough to plan and introduce these appalling things,we give this man far too much credit,he must enjoy the exposure,less exposure of him might ultimately expose the real culprits in all this.He is nothing more than an arrogant mouthpiece.
The situation is for me now unworkable,this needs to end without any more prevarication.
I need my self respect,and my ability to live a decent life back.
I have worked too hard to achieve a reasonable standard,not asking much along the way,but I will not be treated like this anymore.
We have to act vigorously within the law now,not next week,we must find a way.
We have no option.
Hi ,i know how you are feeling ,i have just lost £32 a week ,according to the dwp i am not suffering from stress and depression ,i care for my twin brother so that proves it.I am starting a claim for pip ,don't know if that would work out.
The labour govt under blair (he doesn't deserve a capital letter for his name ) started the war on the sick and disabled ,this lot only got around 25% of the vote and they have the nerve to say they have a mandate to cut the benefits of thousands of people .
You might not get this, but as for as ids is concerned the buckets are getting bigger .
Didn't quite get the last bit right enough,at the end of the day nothing is being done to stop this by anyone,a different line of thinking needs to be employed,there is far more mentioned about Carers who also have jobs outside of caring.
I am not unemployed!,I am a working man,I have a job,I am not on the list of jobseekers,I want a wage for what I do,and as I can't do anything I demand those who have a say are forced to say and do it.
I will not be discriminated against like I am any further,its time for real action.
I for one am happy to act but need people to join in.
Talk is cheap and we are no further forward than when I started.
I am livid.
Everything is wishy washy well meaning,it doesn't work.
What action are you considering Scott?
Hi ,Scott ,the buckets refer to a Steve Bell cartoon in the Guardian ,a certain follicle challenged Minister is on a roof top with a bucket of smelly stuff in each hand ,planning to dump it on the sick and disabled .
The mods didn't like it and it was removed .
Obviously there needs to be a case where more Carers are making themselves more of a nuisance,we need to be out there with well planned legal demonstrations,disruption of the easy lives that the decision makers who continue to discriminate from behind closed doors,make life just a bit more difficult and un comfortable,.
My MP Chris GRAYLING is utterly and completely unmoved and uninterested in having anything to do with constituents who have disability.
He continually blames "the deficit" for all our ills.
There is no such thing as a deficit,it is a made up word,it means nothing.I challenge anyone to prove beyond doubt otherwise, show incontrovertible evidence which they can defend with fact.
When did we as Carers create the deficit,How much balance do I owe to any debt created by others who benefit from our misfortune.
To who do I owe this payment,when will my balance be cleared,who did I borrow it from,what was my payment arrangement.
The faceless nameless buracrats who hide behind the deficit need to be named and shamed
We must all take time off from our caring and be a visible front once a week,make a noise,stop accepting it.
If there are carers who cannot arrange time away,those that can must step in.
Contacting MPs is pointless.
I need an income,you need an income,you need respect,I need respect,we all need equality,we are not a different species,we are equal.
The politicians must hear it loud and clear,we are going to use any means within the scope of the law to end this travesty and slavery.
They can no longer blame anyone but thier own greed and arrogance,it needs to be done,it must be done,it will be done,they must accept that in the end their appalling lies and deceit will be ended.
If my language is strong and unacceptable on here I make no apology,I have had enough,I will be heard,we will win through.
We must.
I hear you Scott and I'm sure your feelings of anger are shared by the majority of carers. Unfortunately, some cannot take the time off, it just isn't possible (especially in cases where there is medical need as well) - there isn't anybody who can take over the care.

Believe me, I wish it were different :(
In Iceland ,the country not the store ,they have jailed 26 (i think) bankers ,over here they get bonuses .
I remember in 1997 ,or there abouts ,people in wheelchairs protesting at the gates of Downing st .
Talking of the debt .
http://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/hugh-sa ... 22219.html
Too bloody frightened to jail these crooks,why don't we have a written constitution.
Anyway I tried as suggested by bowlingburn to find out about income based benefits,nothingit can't go on.
Hi ,i watch Rt news ,apart from the pro Russia bias ,it is ok ,on Max Keiser 's programme one of his guest told a story ,a banker from one of the five big banks told him that bankers are a protected species in the UK ,no way will any banker ever go to jail .