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Reassessment of PIP

All about money
We are both worried sick, well it's really causing my husband stress which in turn causes his schizophrenia to get worse.
My husband moved over to pip last year, whilst detained under Section 3. The CAB mental health advocacy service helped him complete the form. He was awarded the enhanced rate, now less than a year later we've had to complete a reassessment form. We've used the cab help to section regarding the PIP. We have realised his needs haven't really changed. However, we are worried the rate will. I have looked on the Internet but can't find any experiences of folks going through a PIP. Reassessment? Can anyone help? My husband has Paranoid Schizophrenia.
Thanks in advance.
Hi Did you hear any news since posting?
Have found some links/posts that may be of some help.
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From what I have read is happening elsewhere so not unusual. Has they been a change in health.
Hi Can totally understand where you are coming from with this as my partner was awarded with the enhanced rate 16 months ago which should have been for two years then just over a year we got a form to fill in again, when I queried it on the phone I was told it was because there was a big queue if you need reassessing. Anyway last Friday we got the letter saying we needed to be reassessed and gave us a ridiculous time to be at the hospital so I had to call to change the time and again asked why he had to be assessed so soon this time I was told everyone was going to be assessed every year. Like your husband my partner gets very stressed and anxious and tbh depressed to the point I have to watch him 24/7 with his meds. His condition has deteriated in the past year therefore his meds are far stronger so I cant understand why we need to go again cant they tell from the docs prescriptions he has got worse. To make matters worse for us he also got the form for ESA through again so no doubt will have to be reassessed for that too it is so hard on him and stressfull for us both. Let us know how you get on.
My husband had his ESA assessment June 2014. He was placed in the support group he has severe Rheumatoid/osteoarthritis and ostreoporosis and uses a mobility scooter. The paperwork said reassessment in three years. He will actually be nearly 65. When I queried this I was told it's all done by computer.
Yes, just after J had his PIP form sent through, we got another one for an ESA review. I do think they could combine these forms and processes, I get pretty fed up with them, they are so repetitive.
It should be possible for them to produce a form which shows all the basic information, name, address, disability etc. so we don't have to write it all in again. Arthritis makes hand writing so painful that even writing just my name and address by hand hurts, and these forms are pages long.
Scally I don't know about your situation but I do find it a coincidence that we both get the forms for ESA and PIP at the same time. I have to fill the forms in for my partner with his imput obviously as some of his medication makes it differcult for him to concentrate and his memory is fading, again due to his medication. He also has very shaky hands so if he could fill those long forms in I doubt anyone could read them. The stess it puts him though with the thoughts of two assessments imminient is horrendous which in turn effects the way he behaves towards me his partner and full time carer and anyone he may see in the street. I just wish they could look at his medication see how it has changed to more powerful drugs and make a decision on that and the doctors reports without having to put us through this which looks to be every year from now on. I honestly fear it will push him over the edge if it wasnt for me waching him constantly.

I think I may phone ESA today and see where they are up to at the moment as the wait also puts additional pressure on.
Quick update, got a letter this morning from ESA thankfully no assement required this time and P has been put in the support group so thats a bit of good news just have to get through the PIP assessment next week.
Hi Rosie, that's good news. A while ago I saw some hints and tips on the internet for anyone facing a PIP assessment. Sorry, don't have a link, but I'm sure Google will find something relevant to give you confidence. Be sure to familiarise yourself with the criteria, and then write down, in the same order, the things which apply to your caree. As you mention them at the assessment, cross them off your list.
At the end, if there's anything you haven't mentioned already, you should be asked if there is anything else the assessor should be aware of, or words to that effect. This is the time to mention anything you haven't already crossed off your list.
If the assessor is going too fast, or speaking too fast, then be sure to ask him/her to speak more slowly so you can take in what he is saying. (This is a polite way of giving yourself more thinking time, even if you heard perfectly first time!!) Hope it goes well.
Rosie_1508 wrote:Quick update, got a letter this morning from ESA thankfully no assement required this time and P has been put in the support group so thats a bit of good news just have to get through the PIP assessment next week.
Good, from what I can see, they are fast tracking everyone they can to clear the backlog, but why they are also re-assessing people I have no idea. Probably seeing if we are all still alive!