Really need help I don't know what to do

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I ve got no idea where to daughters tax credits end on 21st June this year. She should be entitled to esa...I think. She already gets pip standard rate for her deafness. I earn about £259 a week so I'll get nothing, no tax credit , no carers, and no entitlement to housing benefit at all. I'm worrying myself sick over this...on top of it all seems has attempted suicide 5 times in 6 months and self harms on a regular basis. The last attempt was on Saturday. She's on some pretty heavy duty medication for her depression now. I think I might be able to add this on to the pip claim but I'm not sure. I can't cope with the worry any more.
Sharon, I'm so sorry that you are in such a (very understandable) state of distress and anxiety about this.

Alas, I'm not the person to give you any useful information, but I do know that there are plenty of forum members who have had endless run-ins and tussles with SS/benefits/welfare etc etc, and know how best to make the system work in our favour, and ensure they have all the support that is out there. I'm sure they will be here soon to reply themselves.

Also, would you find it helpful to consult the experts at Carers UK itself? They are best contacted by email, as the helpline is often so busy, and I read here that they will reply to emails in a couple of days. They know all the rules, and I'm sure will be able to best advise you.

Two 'amateur' thoughts - is your daughter getting any 'talking therapy' or is it just medication, and if the latter, can her doctor insist she has access to therapy, despite any issues with her deafness (eg, by having an interpreter/signer or whatever is needed)?

Secondly, grim though this is as a thought, is there a chance that her history of very significant mental ill-health, with her self-harming and suicide bids, will qualify her for higher-rate PIP???

Wishing you an improvement in a very worrying situation, kindest regards, Jenny.

PS - again, just a thought, but don't forget you can phone Samaritans at any time, night or day, if you reach a point of anxiety about your daughter that is tipping you over the edge yourself.
Hi Sharon
Here are the contact details for Carers Uk help and advice. They are often hard to get on the phone as s o busy but if you drop them an email on their contact form they will send a detailed and helpful reply.
Thank you for replying....I've emailed the help line last week but haven't had a reply yet I'll try to ring when they open. I'm in bits I can't sleep for worry with out my tax credits I lose 170 a week I'll never cope....I've tried benefits calculators on line email but they say I'll get nothing at all. I'm on antidepressants myself I'm in bits my GP has signed me off work for 2 weeks with stress.
Sharon, don't panic, the helpline usually replies within a week.
Hi Sharon

Try some of these help lines as least there will be someone for you to talk with.. ... anisations

Don't be put off by the term mental health. These organisations will know where to sign post you. ... truggling-

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