Need advice asap - can't get through to the AdviceCareLine

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Hello, newbie here.

Sadly, I've had no luck trying to get advice from the care line, I understand they are undergoing staff changes etc. Have emailed twice and spent two to three days trying to get through on the phone.

I care for my elderly father full time and receive Carers Allowance and Income Support.

What I need help with is, I have been offered employment for three days per month (the three days are in the same week) at an estimate wage of £100 per day plus expenses.

This position is very appealing as it provides some relief from my caring duties.

I understand that I can earn £116 per week and still receive CA. Will they average out the earnings over the month or by the week for CA? Also, if I'm correct deductions will be made from my Income Support but I don't know how much, however, I do understand that IS earnings are averaged over the month.

I need to inform the employer whether I can take the job asap.

Thank you kindly for any advice.

The Carers UK Adviceline is currently only available Monday & Tuesday between the hours of 10am and 4pm - they try to answer all emails within 3-5 working days.

You can also read the CUK fact sheet on Carers Allowance here - ... -allowance

If you are to be paid monthly for your work then, as I read it, I think the following should apply
If you are in employment and are paid monthly, your monthly earnings are normally multiplied by 12 months to get a yearly figure and then divided by 52 weeks to get a weekly figure.

If you are in employment and have fluctuating earnings it is possible for your earnings to be averaged out over a recognisable cycle of work or over five weeks.
Thanks susieq,

Yes I know the advice line only takes calls Mon & Tues, I have tried to call on both days for 2 weeks but couldn't get through. Have also emailed them twice, first email sent on 6th Feb with no reply, hence my asking here. I know they're v busy.

I think the employment pays for that week I would work the three days! Not monthly?

Would anyone have any idea please if/how much of Income Support would be deducted?

Many thanks

Thanks for your post BirdieNumz.

Unfortunately due to sickness and annual leave our Adviceline was below usual capacity last week and there has been a delay in responding to emails (our team of advisers are usually able to respond within 5 days). I've had a quick word with them and hopefully they'll get back to you in the next couple of days.

Thank you Michael for your response. I quite understand the Adviceline is limited at the moment.

Hoping I haven't come across as pushy but rather I'm more in a panic!

Would really appreciate advice from Adviceline before I contact the dreaded DWP!

Thank again
No, you didn't come across as pushy BirdieNumz - I can understand that you would like to hear from the Adviceline before contacting DWP.

They did get back to me to acknowledge your message and you should hear from them soon.