Protest up in London

All about money
did any one go up to London? I couldn't but live each day on a knife edge at times. This is a sad situation. Regards Amanda h
Didn't go but supported virtually online. Yes, very scary - just wish we knew where the cuts that are coming will be. Not sure if the austerity marches will make any difference, hard times ahead I fear...
I think they said yesterday things would be announced quite soon in budget next month.
hi God help us all! I fear that this budget is not going to be a good one! Why oh why do us carers have to suffer like this? Or will they government be doing this for new carer's? I simply dread the coming years! We all work hard to provide a stable home for our sick loved ones! And can't to out to work for fear that something could happen. Sorry to rant. Regards Amanda h
Osborne to outline their future plans on July 8th. There is another protest that day at parliament.

I hope many people will be going. Sadly we have a meeting that afternoon! Let's hope that Osbourne will not make our lives awful. Us carers give up our lives to carer and do above and beyond the call of duty. Regards Amanda h