Fury over " Sneaky " £6,000 death tax set to hit almost 300,000 families after Ministers classed it as a " Fee " in alleged bid to avoid Parliamentary scrutiny.

Families could face bill of £6,000 for legal control over deceased person’s estate.

Labour’s Gloria De Piero said that the charges were a " Tax on grieving families. "

Ministry of Justice could rake in an extra £185m a year from charges by 2022/23.


Currently, families pay a flat £215 fee for probate, the charge for securing legal control over a deceased person’s estate.

But under the new system, the charge will rise according to the value of the estate. It is estimated 280,000 families a year will have to pay more, with 56,000 facing bills of between £2,500 and £6,000.

The Ministry of Justice is expected to rake in an extra £185 million a year from the charges by 2022/23.

Usually, a tax rise would be introduced in a Parliamentary Bill, which would have to go through a committee stage, after which it would be debated – and then voted on – by both the House of Commons and the Lords.

More on this one when one of the more serious newspapers pick it up.