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All about money
Posted this on Parliament Shame on You in reply to a comment from a numpty who said that all benefit claimants sit on their fat a**s all day and just get money handed to them.

My husband and I care 24/7 for a severely disabled ventilator dependent 28 year old son. We do not sit on our 'fat, lazy a's" as you so delicately put it. Our day starts at 6.15 am and most nights don't finish until after midnight and we are sometimes called for during the night. All for the princely sum of 58 quid carers allowance split between the 2 of us (only one lot of CA can be claimed even if it takes 2 people to care).

Would you work those sort of hours for that - I don't think so. That's no holidays and not allowed to get sick remember. Try thinking before you open your big mouth and bleat cr*p in future.

I have a feeling that your engaging in a battle of wits with an unarmed opponent Eun. Some people would be out of their depth in a car park puddle Image
Well said Eun.
Good for you Eun, you tell em!
Unfortunately there are people like that out there. There are also ones that actually do take the p**s out of the system.

I for one know someone like that. Claims every benefit under the sun, motability car and loads of other s**t. He has had a double hip replacement about 10 years ago. (Before people shout out) Yes there are people that need the benefits but this man has 'ran a football team' drives an MX5 sports car from time to time (Very low for those that do not know) but claims he can only get in and out of his 'high' motability car and has also played golf. He goes out in the snow and plays in snowball fights, falling over and 'running' about and also 'drinks' the money away, and afterwards while drunk does all the stupid 'look at me' things most teenagers do in that state.... A man that is obviously disabled.

Im furious with this d***h**d as I know of many others that are disabled but in full time employment. But im also furious with the government as they are not doing anything about it but he goes around boasting that nobody can touch him as he claims war pensions benefits etc (Yes hes another one that has never been to war but rides on the glory of others - and then theres our troops being killed or severely disabled and getting none or next to none benefits/compensation). All whilst screwing our elderly neighbours out of there money by offering to help take them to the hospital or shopping etc, knowing full well that they will 'offer' to pay for things or take him and his wife and at times grown family out for meals as they are not short of money. GOD IF ONLY SOMETHING WAS DONE!!!

Well said though Eun, it would be nice if people could change places with other once in a while to see that some take things for granted and/or what others are going through!!! T****rs Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image
Yes good letter Eun, you tell em gal! Image
I hate the way everyone who claims benefits is lumped together as scroungers! To me the true scroungers are the ones that live on the estate at the back of me, never worked in their life and have no intention of doing so, popping kids out every year, smoking, drinking and they always have a staffie!
I suppose all these attacks are evidence that - since the banking scandal at least, the wealthy are on the run and looking for alternative scapegoats. Lets face it, it isn't as if we haven't given the rich plenty of stick over the years, and some of it must hurt: just like benefit claimants, some of them worked hard for their dosh building up useful businesses, some just struck lucky and had Lottery wins or rich parents, and some were simply grotesquely greedy and profited by screwing the poor, such as the recent series of high level departures from the BBC, who made many millions at the expense of the ordinary license-fee payer. Ultimately it shouldn't be wealth or poverty that we judge people by, but their moral character.
Lets face it, it isn't as if we haven't given the rich plenty of stick over the years, and some of it must hurt.
The dosh must soften the blows though eh? Image
Well put Farmer1961
As my father says, "Money can't buy happiness, but at least you can be miserable in comfort!"