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PIP without firm diagnosis

All about money
Has anyone had any success applying for PIP without a clear diagnosis? My son has an emerging psychotic illness that, because of his age (just turned 16), is unlikely to get labelled as anything in particular. Is a write up from his care co-ordinator enough?
I havent had to do PiP yet, but I gather that its less about the diagnosis and more about how his condition affects him.
Im sure that someone who knows more than me will be along soon.
Stephanie yes I applied for PIP for my OH before he had a diagnoses, October 2014 and didn't get diagnoses until January, as crocus has said it is not the diagnoses it is " how your disability affects you" wording on the PIP form, please read all the other posts on PIP, as there are some useful tips before you send it off /fill it in, It can be quite daunting and you do have to think how your son is during a bad episode,( my 36yr old son has bipolar) but can not get it as he is stable with medication, but as your son is still a minor he will need taking care more.
yes his co-ordinator report will help regards evidence, and I can not stress enough, the onus is on you to prove he needs help and that he can not do cerain things safely. read the PIP guides, and above all be patient and don't give up if at first you get a refusal. I have been there so know what you are about to enbark on. Good Luck!
Hello Stephanie,

Yes, like Petal, my wife was awarded DLA in 2013 & was awarded PIP last month & she still doesn't have a definite diagnosis as such so her DLA & PIP forms were completed on the basis of her health at the time.

As Petal has said, with PIP the medical terminolgy is almost irrelevant, it's how the person can function within their current medical issues that's the point.

Like Petal's son, my daugher has bipolar but is able to function i.e work & look after 2 children as a single Mum so she wouldn't, currently, qualify for PIP.

Complete the PIP form in conjunction with the PIP self-test at the link below.

You need to be able to demonstrate how each of the descriptors applies to your son.

Also remember the three golden rules which are your son must be able to each task:
In a timely manner.

http://www.benefitsandwork.co.uk/person ... -self-test
to an acceptable standard
Aided or unaided.
As well as previous posts.
Cannot stress enough it is about the help a person needs, whether they get it or not.
Are they a danger to themselves or others?
And in your case transition from child to adult I would suggest keeping a diary in case you need to appeal.
Words not to us are Help, Manage or Cope.
seek advice from either CAB or DIAL UK.
Hope this assists (lol)