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PIP Tribunal help

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Hey guys,
My husband was awarded lifetime high rate DLA mobility 10 years ago, but with the changes from DLA to PIP, he had to undergo an assessment from ATOS. We have now found out he has lost his mobility which has devastated the family as we have lost our car, due to her report.

When the assessor left our home after the assessment, she entered her car and drove off using her mobile phone. We have reported this to ATOS, because to us, it calls into question her ability to make adequate decisions, does anybody think we should bring this up at our tribunal or will it be counterproductive?
In this case "fighting fire with fire" would probably be counterproductive - at the end of the day her breaking the law whilst driving is irrelevant to your appeal ! You could just be seen as mudslinging because you didn't get what you wanted :( I think I'd forget that and concentrate on the reasons why your OH should retain the mobility component.
Thanks for your advice susie :) we were in two minds as to whether to include it, we were just drawn into the opinion if she can break the law so easily, can her judgement to judge us be perfect? we will not include it, we just wanted to see what people thought :)
Hi Bernie,
I agree with Susie.
I'm sure she will get caught soon enough if she flouts the mobile phone rule so readily.

Definitely appeal against the decision, over 50% of appeals are successful.
Look at the detailed notification of the decision, and the breakdown of points awarded in each category.

What particular category has now got less points than it previously got, do you know?
Have you got a copy of the assessor's notes, as well as the final decision? If not, be sure to ask for these asap. When I applied for DLA Mobility some years ago, I was initially turned down, but when I saw the full report, I found it was a work of fiction, even saying that Waitrose's disabled car park was 300 yards from the shop (it's 6 feet) and therefore as I could walk from the car park to the shop, I wasn't entitled!!!