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PIP Tribunal Advice for a struggling carer - Carers UK Forum

PIP Tribunal Advice for a struggling carer

All about money
Hi all

My partner is severely Dyspraxic and has borderline Aspergers, Dyslexia and ADHD. He also has a diagnosis of fibromyalgia. Like many others, he was awarded DLA for life and in December we received the news that he had to apply for PIP. He is unable to complete forms, deal with the phonecalls and information as he gets confused easily and doesn't understand the questions or what he needs to say or do so I do all these things for him.

I filled in his form after making notes over the 2 weeks on how he was and what help he needed & sent off his official diagnosis as well as various other letters and a copy of his ESA report where he was put straight into Support Group. He had his assessment & as seems to be the norm, there were plenty of lies and inaccuracies as well as a complete ignorance when it came to his mental disability. He only scored 8 points in total and got nothing for mobility.

I queried everything I disagreed with throughout the report and the scores he was given and sent off the mandatory reconsideration but the reply came back unchanged and basically looked like they ignored my letter entirely. We are now having to appeal again to a tribunal. I'm concerned about how he will handle this especially as he struggles to remember everything he needs to say and I'm also concerned as when it comes to Dyspraxia there is no other help or support once you are diagnosed. As we have been told by the doctor, you just have to get on with it! Unfair but sadly this is what happens to many. The only good thing about him at least getting Standard Care is that after 10 years of being his carer I can finally claim carers allowance and get my stamp again.

The assessor and decision makers all ignored that issues he faces daily because of his Dyspraxia and I'm worried that the Tribunal will be the same. I was thinking of writing a letter as his carer but I just don't know how to start it. I've done all his forms and letters so I feel like I've said all I can. I'm completely on my own with all of this. I have no support from anyone and the stress is just getting to be too much lately. Nearly everytime a letter has arrived I've just sat there balling my eyes out because it's like I have to start all over again. I know almost everyone is struggling just as much with all this but I just feel so lost and alone.
Hi Rosie ... welcome to the Forum.

Obviously , sympathy from the off , one crumb of immediate comfort , of sorts , there are thousands across the country experiencing very similar problems.

Several articles / reports available in the News Section but , and before those within our ranks with detail knowledge of this " Practice " add their recommendations , a guide from the Citizens Advice Bureau as a blueprint as to what one should do :

https://www.citizensadvice.org.uk/benef ... -tribunal/

Many of our carees have been / are affected from the change to PIP , so you certainly did the best thing by posting on the Forum.

Rest assured that you and your caree are not alone in this , both of you have this Forum's family in case of need and support.

Fellow carers ... with experiences across the whole spectrum of caring , and even some still missing from the textbooks.

Over to others readers ...
Hi Rosie

If you visit your local CAB office they will help you to fill in the form for the tribunal and attend the tribunal with you if you need them to.

Good luck
I get PIP.

I have had two assessments. both in my own home. My impression was that the first assessment was by a person who worked in the NHS locally, and I believe that she was able to appreciate the veracity of my claim
by my accounts of my journey through the local NHS teams that I have had contact with.

Some 12 months ago, I was briefly in Hospital with the symptoms of a stroke. I phoned up PIP to let them know I had been in Hospital. I got another assessment by a home visit.
I got 11 points as a result of this assessment. Therefore I stayed on the same level of PIP payment.

If it is relevant, I was on ESA at the time when I first was awarded PIP. But I do not know whether the DWP decision maker has access to your complete DWP medical file
PS. may I ask how old your partner is, please?
Thanks for the welcome and for the replies. Sorry I've taken so long to get back to you. I rarely have time to sit and type a proper reply so I apologise in advance for that.

My first choice would have been CAB but our local one is only open once a week for appointments and you have to book 3 weeks in advance and yet every time I've received any PIP documentation it's had less than 3 weeks left before due date so I was too scared to take the risk.

Unfortunately his assessment was done by a registered nurse (Nothing against nurses at all) that had no knowledge of Dyspraxia and so took no notice of his issues. It's been a very stressful and upsetting time for him and for me but it's caused him to become even more depressed and withdrawn. I had him on a good walking plan of 5 days a week to help keep his muscles from going stiff etc but these days I'm lucky if I get him out even once a week.

He was put into Support Group for ESA without even needing a F2F assessment. I asked for a copy of the report and it was done by a Psychiatric nurse and in her report she mentioned that it was obvious to her that he had a mental disability as well as a number of mental health issues. I sent a copy of that with his paperwork as evidence and it appears it was ignored. I think that's what has caused him the most upset is that his disability always seems to get ignored, even by the doctors.

He is 34 years old.
Hi Rosie ... concerned for your experiences ... others more able to assist will , no doubt , post some suggestions.

To keep you going , a Dyspraxic Adults Forum link :


Seems comprehensive , and may provide help with other issues.

Quite a few references when entering PIP into their search facility.

Another avenue maybe a nearby Law Centre , part of the Law Centre Network.

Entering you post code on their site would reveal the nearest one.

My partner and I went through much the same process and I feel for you as it is the most stressful time. I had to fill in forms for my partner and it is me that has to sort everything out and it is so hard when it feels like you are banging your head against a brick wall and have no other support. We also had to go to the tribunal and I was extremely worried how P would cope with it all. He did breakdown on the assessment infront of them as he has problems remembering anything at all and thus gets frustrated, but tbh the three people that assessed P were fantastic they gave him all the time he needed to discuss his conditions and even though I was told to keep quiet couldn't help myself by either nodding at Ps responces or giving the look that kind of says he is confused. They gave me time at the end to add to Ps assessment and I made notes throughout of things I wanted to add that P had forgotton or they hadn't asked about. From my experience with the tribunal it is very stressful but they seemed to appreciate that, and as I said took time and listened to what I had to say also. I think because they are totally independent to dwp helps, plus the doctor present also understood Ps conditions.

I wish you all the luck in the world at the tribunal and really do know what your going through. From one Rosie to another am thinking of you.
One last throw of the dice from me.

SCOPE ... ask a benefit advisor ... several questions asked and answered already on PIPs :

https://community.scope.org.uk/categori ... ts-advisor

SCOPE again .... specific advice on appeals :

https://www.scope.org.uk/Support/Tips/D ... -153483029

If one link does prove beneficial , please let us know for future references purposes ?
If you go to your Library Reference Section, ask if they have the Child Poverty Action Group (CPAG) manuals on the DWP benefits and allowances. They are very comprehensive, and like encyclopedias. They list each category heading and how the points are decided.