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PIP refusal... then PIP SUCCESS

All about money
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Huegatort I feel for you, and believe me it is worth taking your time going through the "how your disability affects you" form, take several copies if you can or make numbered notes for each question, each descriptor carries points so be careful how you word things,
caravanj has kept my spirits up and Floyd is very knowledgeable too.
research as much as you can, I used the benefitsandwork site, I read all their guides and samples, well worth looking at.
If you are unsure of anything post a topic here and someone will be able to help.
This site has been and continues to be a fantastic support, the forum members know how you feel so don't think you are alone in this, you can always pm anyone if you do want to chat privately.
take care of yourself, and remember the PIP and DWP work to a one size fits all script so don't be put off by them, plod on, it took 25 weeks to get my OH PIP case sorted and I nearly gave up but for all these great friends here, that is why I share my story , as I am sure you will to in time.
Thank you all for the advice; very much appreciated.

I have just looked at the form sent to my Son; I thought it was for a change from DLA to PIPS but the form is a ESA50 entitled: Capability for work questionnaire :?

If anyone can give any advice on this I would be most grateful.

I phoned to make an appointment for advice only with the WRA that I used recently at his new office and to my surprise the work that he now does is free! I heard from another source that they were trying to get funding, so they have obviously received a grant. I will find out more at my appointment next week.

Before I attend I will make brief notes for each page, to help assist the WRA so that I am not out too long away from my Husband and Son. This will also give me time to gather information and ensure that I have included everything that is pertinent.

My Son saw his Psychiatrist yesterday and he has given us a brief letter to send alongside the form. He has advised the department to phone him if they need anymore information.

sorry do not know anything about ESA50, but will say any letters from medical team, take copies before you send in, paperwork sometimes goes missing! Also even if the Psychiatrist has said for DWP to ring him, they probably won't as they didn't in my OH case. The onus is on you to give relevant proof to support your son's claim.
73 posts