PIP. Is good for people

For information and discussion about benefits
It is just that the administration of it can sometimes be less than perfect.

I just wanted to put the record straight, in contrast to the other negative thread
I didn't have any problem transferring from lifelong DLA at highest level for both, to PIP, both highest levels granted again without personal interview. As I have arthritis in my hands, a DWP visiting officer helped me fill in the form. Although I have 40 years experience of filling in forms like this, there were a couple of times when I would have put the wrong answer. For example
"Can M dress himself?" Yes.
"Does he need any prompting to put the RIGHT clothes on?".
"Yes, he will put shorts on in March if the sun is shining, even if it's cold. He will often forget his fleece/hat/gloves when it's cold".
The fact that he needs this sort of prompting gives him more PIP points, but if he hadn't asked me, I would never even have thought about this.