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Oven Diying can't get budgeting loan - Carers UK Forum

Oven Diying can't get budgeting loan

All about money
Hi any one know what I can do my oven bust I get income support and carers alowence for me and my hubby

I can't get a budgeting loan due to face I only been on it 3 weeks you need to be on it 26 weeks

We don't get much from these benefits £170 every 2 weeks and £61 every week that just covers are bills

Before we were on esa due to my husband being autistic but apparently that not good reason but I not bothered

I just needs some advise on Wa to do or were can help
Hi Heather,

Most areas have some sort of Furniture Recycling scheme now where people can get things either cheaply or free of charge in some cases, I think they're all called different things depending on where you live, your local CAB will probably have some details. Or you could try posting on Freecycle in case someone is giving one away.
Freecycle is brilliant in my area - if you haven't used it before, be sure to join. People offer things they no longer want, but there is also a "Wanted" section. Also think about putting a Wanted ad in your local paper, and on any local noticeboards in your area. Don't think you will be ripped off by a wanted advert. Lots of people they have things they no longer want, after kitchen refits etc. but just can't face the stream of phone calls etc. involved in selling. If you put a wanted advert in, it shows that you are genuine. Long ago, when we moved into our house, we didn't have a coal bunker. My children were small, and by the time I'd given them breakfast etc. and bought a local paper, any bunkers advertised had always been sold. So I decided to put a wanted advert in. I had over 30 phone calls, and by the end of the weekend we had two FREE. 35 years later, we've just skipped one, because we now have a free supply of wood and don't burn as much coal now.
Free cycle a brilliant place but no one got any ovens going I have asked I in Formby merseryside nothing going I'll pop in cab see what they suggest thank you
I've just given my old oven to someone who put a wanted add in freecycle so it does work!
Gum tree could be worth a look although they will be for sale.
have a look here


a number of members have mentioned this organisation in the past