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Husband reaching Pension Age - Carers UK Forum

Husband reaching Pension Age

All about money
Can someone answer a few simple questions but please don't tell me to ring CAB (they didn't even know qualifying amount for pension credits), Age UK will send me out some brochures gave me number of local office who would arrange an appointment to see us and advise rang them response "OOOH we don't do your area" (I live 5miles from them) told me to ring local Welfare Rights they "Don't do pensions ring CAB".
Ok rant over today we have got a letter titled Approaching State Pension Age and a leaflet, husband is 65 in june, he at present gets higher rate care and mobility DLA and EESA the Support higher rate I get Carers allowance and he has a small (tiny) works pension.

The letter states do not contact the The Pension Service unless you think you may qualify for pension credit, housing benefit.
My question is how do I know if I qualify for pension Credit, how much state pension will we get it says in the leaflet DLA will not be affected (although with my luck I will be filling in PIP forms by then the result of which will mean re-applying for everything) however we will lose EESA will state pension cover this loss? Who can I contact who will sort out what I need to apply for and when and will also work out how much we will get per week?

Just so you know I really needed this as went to GP last week BP was 186/137 whoops
Love to you all at least spring MAY have sprung
The best people I can recommend for you to contact for advice are the Carers UK Advice Line team :)

All their contact details are here:

However as they are a small team and the service is generally oversubscribed it can be difficult to get through on the phone. So I would suggest emailing them with your query and including a telephone number - it may take a few days but they will get back to you.
Thanks will do so tomorrow
That BP is high. Try not to get in a stew about the benefits. Carers UK will work through everything with you. The helpline is busy, but you can email them if you don't get through. They made me £50 a week better off because of their detailed knowledge of Carers Allowance rules, so I'm happy to sing their praises.
Don't worry bowlingbun I will keep on taking the pills All the best
Use the Pension Credit calculator.