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As my husband's appointee, the independent assessment services have contacted me to get him in for his PIP assessment. Apparently, they no longer provide the equipment to record the interview... but they say in the information leaflet that if you want to record the interview, you have to have a recording device which "must be able to produce two identical physical copies on CD or cassette at the end of the consultation". Any idea where we could get equipment to do that?

Last time he had a DLA assessment it was only the recording of the interview which saved the day... He was initially turned down...the transcript of the interview was technically correct, but it didn't give the claim assessor the right information about who was answering the questions... I had to go through the transcript and the recording almost word for word to be able to respond to them, and he was awarded the DLA... he wouldn't have been if we hadn't had the recording!
Hi Kiwi

another member had the same problem recently - check out her posts here
https://www.carersuk.org/forum/social-a ... ng#p358837

It's a very long topic but she (Sajehar) mentions the recording equipment and how she obtained something suitable from page 54 onwards.