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PIP Appeal Tribunal - Muddy Waters - Carers UK Forum

PIP Appeal Tribunal - Muddy Waters

All about money
Amongst my major problems as a Carer for my Mum I also have my own major health issues including Rheumatoid Arthritis and Fibromyalgia.
I did have indefinite DLA middle rate care and full rate mobility however I had to apply for PIP because I was told my DLA was stopping because of the change in the rules
My application for PIP successfully transferred to standard rate care but nil points mobility
My Cit. Advise lady sent in a Mandatory Consideration which didn't do any good so she sent me to Appeal Tribunal which took a year to come around
I went on Friday last week to the Tribunal which was somewhat challenging because I didn't have a clue where the venue was, I was worried about my Mum in Cardiac Care and it seemed everything was against me.
However DWP sent their representative
The Panel seemed to concentrate on the fact that I visited hospitals both for my own health issues and also the fact I was visiting my Mum in her hospital
The question was "how do I manage" - the thing is when you are struggling to move or walk and you have to attend a hospital, you park your car in the car park and then somehow manage to move yourself the many yards (in my Mums case over 500 yards from car park to hospital) to get to whatever department or ward you need to get to. It doesn't matter how long it takes - somehow you get there.
Also, going shopping, you need to go to the shops to get your supplies. The fact that somehow I manage to very slowly get around a supermarket to get my supplies no matter how long it takes me
They did not concentrate on how I was at the time of my physical assessment over a year ago.
I was challenged because the PIP form was not in my handwriting - that was the first question
The thing about that is - due to my Rheumatoid Arthritis I cannot hold a pen - that is why the handwriting was my Cit. Adv. Lady's
That upset me - they did not seem to understand the problems I was facing because of my RA / F. and because I rely on my Cit. Adv. lady to help me with all things benefits.
According to PIP I can climb mountains!
The problem I have is that my Standard Rate Care was not challenged by my Cit. Adv. lady - the thing we were challenging was the major problem I have moving / walking and the effect it has on me when I do walk what for me is a distance.
On the Decision Notice it clearly states that I am not eligible for any Care Component because I only scored 8 points
Then it states that I am not eligible for Mobility because I scored 4
It states that I am not eligible for any PIP payment at all!
Considering that the qualifying for Pip care standard is 8 points in my view they are wrong
Further because I had to travel over 20 miles and then once I parked the car I had to get taxis - I have travel costs.
The clerk to the Court should have given me either the costs at the time or given me a form to get the costs paid.
She said she would give me a form at the end of the case hearing - she didn't.
That night I felt totally demoralised, totally lost, totally beaten and totally unworthy to be alive because in my eyes
if the legal panel make errors in producing paperwork relating to the case how on earth can someone with health issues trust anybody.
In my past life before my GP medically retired me (breakdowns, ra/ f, b. cancer) I used to work as part of an organisation to do with law enforcement.
Before we allowed casework to leave our premises it was checked and double checked
Yet everything to do with my benefits which were put in place to support me because I have health issues, have had major errors which caused me total stress, upset and also to seek to issue complaints.
I've left messages on my Cit. Adv. lady's answerphone -
I want to issue a major complaint about the way I have been treated but I am not too sure where to complain to.
I ended up contacting Samaritans on Friday and Saturday because of all the stress and worry I am under and I felt that my life wasn't worth anything!
I still feel like that because I am totally fed up of having to battle and fight for everything which, as someone who is ill, I should receive.
Pip and benefits is not my area but I just wanted to say welll done in contracting Samaritans when you did. Reaching out is difficult to do so well done on recognising you needed support and doing something about it.
It's a shame all this is happening when so much is on top of you because of Mum too.

This will all pass, and you will get through it

((( hugs)))
Milly ... all I can offer are links ... PIP Assessments Complaint Procedures ... may prove to be value :

https://www.turn2us.org.uk/Benefit-guid ... P-decision

A link to the Citizens Advice Bureau site containing guidelines in .PDF format :

https://www.citizensadvice.org.uk/Globa ... j--ext.pdf

Finally SCOPE , more of a supporting organisation for our carees ... an online community forum , complete with advisors , available off this link :

https://www.scope.org.uk/Support/Tips/D ... IP-appeals
Thank you sooo much - I will follow the links
My life is just full of problems at the moment (big ones) so any help or guidance is greatly appreciated x
Your welcome.

If you prefer interacting with a human being , I recommend SCOPE ... given the number of postings on PIP thereon.