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PIP and Carers Allowance - Carers UK Forum

PIP and Carers Allowance

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The Personal Independence Payment technical note on reassessment and impacts stated that we were continuing to analyse the impact on Carer’s Allowance (CA). This note provides the latest available information
http://www.dwp.gov.uk/docs/pip-briefing ... owance.pdf
To ask the Secretary of State for Work and Pensions what the effects will be of personal independence payment reform on people in receipt of carer's allowance by 2018.
Latest available information shows that there are over 1 million people with an established entitlement to Carer's Allowance (CA)(1). The Department has made information concerning the effect of Personal Independence Payment (PIP) on people in receipt of CA in October 2015 available on its website.

(1) DWP Longitudinal Study, February 2012.

Latest estimates project there will be a net reduction of 9,000 recipients of CA (where benefit is in payment) by the end of 2018 as a consequence of reassessment for PIP

http://www.theyworkforyou.com/wrans/?id ... g142337.r0
What do we do then if our caree doesn't qualify for PIP under new guidelines, our carers allowance stops (and income support) yet still needs caring for? Image
Carers UK condemns cut to numbers receiving Carer’s Allowance

http://www.carersuk.org/newsroom/item/2 ... -allowance
Part of me wonders if there's a miscalculation there - I expected an extra zero.
Any cut is bad enough but this is a double whammy as DLA will have been lost too. What happens if these same families affected by bedroom tax etc. Shows even more so why a cumulative impact assessment is desperately needed.

Downright dangerous to plough ahead when ESA system still as flawed.
The PIP letters are hitting doormats now, lots of the Mums on the Downs emailing site have got theirs and it looks like all people with DS will be losing the mobility rate!
The qualification for DLA does NOT distinguish between different disorders, but focusses on what the claimant can or cannot do. So whether or not someone has DS is surely immaterial? If someone needs very close supervision and "restraint" which might only be a hand on an arm, then they qualify for DLA.
Under PIP those rules will no longer apply, as far as I can tell, Bowlingbun - and anyone with DS who is between 16 and 64 on 8th April this year will be reviewed under the PIP regulations at some point.
Charles, I hadn't read that all the rules were changing. I was aware that the lower rate was going to "disappear" but haven't seen anything about the upper rules changing. Has the precise wording been decided yet? With careful management, M. can manage to live alone comfortably, but I'm getting more and more worried about the cumulative effect of all the proposed changes. I know I'm not alone. As I'm widowed, not working, now looking forward to the day I can draw my Pension next year (never ever thought I'd be saying that!) there is no way I can subsidise him.