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PIP Aghhhh

All about money
CHC / NHS Continuing Healthcare ?

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Well mandatory reconsideration my wife scored 0 points for a second time. No problems we will go on. Two weeks after appealing to the court tribunal DWP ring and offer double enhanced rate for 5 years. She is so happy,I'm so relieved it was really affecting her mental health.
She has her heart op end of April.
Fingers crossed.😁
Great news but why did she score 0 points twice and have to wait 3 months??
It is disgraceful to put her through all this for nothing. Did they explain the U turn? I'm glad you got it eventually.
https://www.gov.uk/government/organisat ... -different


Mandatory reconsiderations and appeals are different

We can’t treat a complaint as a challenge to a benefit decision (a request for ‘mandatory reconsideration’) or an appeal against a benefit decision, overpayment decision, child maintenance assessment or sanction.

Read about how to request a mandatory reconsideration of a benefits decision.

You can’t appeal to the Social Security and Child Support Tribunal about a benefits decision until you get a response to your mandatory reconsideration request. This is called a ‘mandatory reconsideration notice’. You can appeal to the tribunal if you think the decision in the mandatory reconsideration notice is wrong.

I would still highlight your situation to your local MP.

This is what the Government need to know.
Bbun they said because of a letter received from her G.P and another from her mental health professional.
Letters were similar to the ones at the mandatory reconsideration but had more detail.