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PIP 20 metre ruling - Carers UK Forum

PIP 20 metre ruling

All about money
Ridiculous. I was virtually unable to walk, awarded Mobility after months, and complaints. How can you live a normal life if you can only walk 20 metres? It's more than that distance from the disabled car park to the high street in my town. The post office was a huge challenge, only 3 disabled parking spots nearby, often used by traders Transit vans as a short stay. I despair of this government.
It is bad news, I did read they were thinking of appealing the ruling. There's been a lot of chatter on Facebook about taking it to the European Courts as a human rights issue; lets just hope they do it before the ConDems convince everyone that scrapping human rights is a good idea :(
for a lot of claiments this will mean no motability car allowance and which town/city/village has bus stops every 40metres (20metres in each direction) this is going to isolate many disabled people
My wife has M.S., she has had it for 4o years. She has the pleasure of being assed by the PIP board. She can't walk, so what will they come up with next. 20 metre stroll will be out of it. I'm her full carer 24/7. Well best of look to all.
From our door to the car door is about 10 metres and hubby struggles with that, also when you have to go for your PIP assessment the disabled parking to the building is more than 20 metres and they have cameras watching to see if you can walk it, if you can you don't get mobility.
This government are disgusting they want all disabled in work houses or dead from starvation
Just remember that the claimant won't be asked to walk 20m. They will be asked to walk a few steps and then judged on their ability to complete 20 metres.

During our last DLA assessment TJ shuffled no more than four steps with a stick, turned back and sat down. From this, the healthcare "professional" judged her able to walk 100m comfortably. Still makes me rage thinking about it!!!!!!!!!!
I hope you appealed. My own DLA Mobility Assessment report was a joke. After a serious car accident I needed 2 knee replacements, but at 54 was told to leave it as long as possible. I was in agony. Life consisted of driving to Waitrose, parking in their disabled car park, adjacent to the store, using a trolley as a walking aid and even then I couldn't do more than two or three aisles. By the time I got to the checkout I was almost crying with pain, and had to sit in my recliner as soon as I got home for half an hour waiting for the pain to subside. I explained all this to the assessor, whose subsequent report read that the disabled car park was THREE HUNDRED YARDS from the shop, and therefore I wasn't entitled. The DWP read the distance and twice reviewed it, looking only at the distance without engaging brain. No supermarket that I have ever met has a car park 300 yards away. Finally I persuaded them not to be so B**** stupid and was awarded the benefit. I regularly used to support people claiming benefits, so I'm not afraid of the system, but so many people give up. Once I had a claimant who was a double amputee and he was refused saying he didn't need enough care. Ever since, I've used that as an example!!!