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Why is my severely disabled son worse off on ESA - Carers UK Forum

Why is my severely disabled son worse off on ESA

All about money
My son has just been moved onto ESA. He is in the support group because he is severely disabled. I thought the most severely disabled would be better off on ESA, not worse!

Yet his ESA is being temporarily topped up because it is less than his old Incapacity Benefit.

I am pretty surprised by this, to say the least. We were assured that the most disabled would get more support.

Has anyone else notice that ESA is less than the old Incapacity Benefit for the most severely disabled?
My severely disabled son was moved from Incapacity Benefit to ESA in the Contribution Based Support Group last year and his ESA is more than Incapacity Benefit.

Last year, when he was assessed, IB was £94.25 and ESA £99.85, so £5.60 more

Current ESA is basic amount £71.70 plus Extra money for the Support Group £34.80 giving a total of £106.50. He has no other income.
How old is your son? My son is 22.
If I remember rightly, he was getting something called an "age addition" on his incapacity benefit. This is not part of the new ESA though, so his new benefit amount is now lower.

They are topping it up so that he isn't losing out, but nevertheless it will frozen at this rate, so basically it is a cut.
My son is 23. As far as I know, he has never had an Age Addition - I've never heard of it.

He started getting IB from his 16th birthday - he qualified even though he was still at school because of his needs and it was a Special School. I assume that is why he was put in the ESA Contribution Based Group, not in the Income Based Group.

I thought all these changes were supposed to make things simpler but they seem more complicated to me! Image
Your son should have got an age addition on his benefit. I wonder if you can claim backdated payment?
I didn't have to apply for it - it was added to my son's benefit automatically.
I think it was £11 a week for under 25's. Something like that.

Anyway, they have scrapped age additions for ESA, so although the basic amounts look as if they have increased, in actual fact there has been a cut for many people.
Hi Pebbles

Yes me ESA is £45 p.w. less than I was receiving on Incapacity Benefit. I was told it is because they assess me & my husband as a couple now. We may still be a couple but his condition (has Huntington's Disease) & my condition (M.E. 2 strokes, high cholesterol & depression) haven't reduced in severity yet our expenses have due to welfare reforms.

Reading the messages on the forums just makes me realise more & more that this government are intent on hitting out at those of us who do not choose to be long-term ill or have incurable illnesses. We didn't wake up one morning and say to ourselves "Oh, I think today is the day when I will start to have a long-term medical condition".

Yet if we try to fight back by ourselves they call us beligerent, difficult, confrontational.

I had a letter from Iain Duncan Smith whereby he says the government applauds the work carers do - but we don't want a round of hollow applause we would like them to recognise that we too deserve a quality of life without the constant stress that they cause us.