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Mrs A,
I found this info on the

Whatdotheyknow website in relation to my LA. The information request was made last year.

5. If the price per an hour an individual is given for agency support
is fixed based on council rates (i.e. a regular price would be £14) or if
it is up to the individual to negotiate their own rate? The rate is
reviewed every 6 months and based on the average cost of support to the
Council for commissioned services. Budget holders will moderate this as a
DP if care cannot be purchased within the agreed budget.

I'm not sure what this means in real terms. Whether it means they should up his DP or it means I could be pushed to move him to cheaper care elsewhere.

I think I'll email the helpline today. I wish I'd known this week's ago. It's very hard to deal with this once S is home 24/7 and then it's term time again. Really praying his college find away to fix this.


The personal budget should be calculated based on the services that THEY said he needed in his assessment. So for M, his PB was calculated based on the service he was already receiving, via ILF. Day Service A on Monday, B on Tuesday etc.

However, having re read your post, it's the day service which has redued the hours for everyone. So that should lead to a reassessment as his "circumstances have changed" for both of you. As a working carer, they are supposed to support carers who want to work, so they should be filling in the time when S is now not receiving a service.

Meanwhile, my own battle continues!!!
Thanks for info BB. The day service only reduced their hours because the PB is not keeping up with costs. I have contacted the helpline today.

Good luck with M's battles.

Our Grave stone inscriptions will say something like, She fought til her death, the way we're going. We'll still be reeling off emails on our deathbeds....

Mine will say "sent to an early by Social Services"!
I've just told the care agency that M has a free 5 day pass for the Great Dorset Steam Fair, will they please make sure he goes, with staff collecting him early to beat the queue, so that means he needs staff who can drive!!
How many other people do jobs which involve free entry to the largest outdoor show in the world? Last year, staff left just after lunch!!!!!
Just because I've asked it doesn't mean he'll actually make it though. Fingers crossed.
BB, I hope he gets to go. He needs support workers that share his interests. It would be their dream job.

40 hours @ £14 = £560 (included food and transport)
30 hours @£16 = £480 (doesn't include food or transport or care cost for missing 10 hours)