I am new to the forum and would welcome any advice.

My son is 21, has Autism and a Learning Disablity. He has an EHC plan which entitles him to 3 days education but has begun a transition into Social Care. He attends a Day Centre for two days a week. The issue is we couldn't find anything suitable in our local area, so he attends a Centre which is 12 miles away for these two days. Our Local Authority are saying because he has a motability car (he can't drive as he doesn't have the mental capacity) he is not entitled to support towards transport. My husband has just been through 2 major operations this year so cannot currently drive and I work, so in order to accommodate this I will have to reduce my working hours. The Local Authority have been providing a taxi whilst my husband has been in hospital for which we pay £8 a day and we asked for this to continue but we have been told they have already made two concessions and want us to prove my husband still can't drive and have been told continuing with the taxi is not an option.

My son has had a financial assessment and we were told he doesn't have to pay anything towards his support as he receives PIP and ESA which means his income is below the threshold. We feel the service he needs will become inaccessible unless I reduce my hours but can't see another way round this, other than returning the Motability car which we use for his benefit when he's not at a Service. We would welcome any advice as we cannot fathom out the Social Care system, even after asking his Social Worker on a number of occasions. We feel they treat him as a child in some circumstances when they want us to provide support and as an adult when they don't want to pay.