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To claim or not to claim. Carers Allowance - Carers UK Forum

To claim or not to claim. Carers Allowance

All about money
Hello Everyone, x
I have had a good read through the benefits section and i understand most of it....

I have been a carer for my Mum for a few years now and i work only 12 hours a week so i can look after her, i start work at 5am till 8am 4 days a week with occasional overtime. My Mums DLA has just come back and at last she has been awarded middle rate care and high mobility until 2020. She also gets ESA and is in the support group, I still live at home with Mum and the last few years have been quite hard financially, my sister also works 12 hours a week and Lives at home and helps with Mum also.

We are trying to work out if its worth claiming for CA and if we do will Mum lose any of her benefits ?.
After reading through the forum we understand now about private pensions and respite deductions (thank you scally) the most i earn in a week with overtime is about £150.

So is it worth applying ?

It's really important that you get proper advice, so ring the Carers Uk helpline. They can also check mum is getting everything too.
Absolutely 100% yes claim but you may need to do plenty of jiggling and admin like I do. As you know from your reading your earnings are ever so slightly over the limit but put double the difference into a stakeholder pension each month and you are still better off plus some savings for the future. You will need to put your pension contribution in the same calendar month and send off your pay slip each month plus a pensions statement to teh CA unit. They pay somewhat randomly but eventualy catch up and you will be what they call an irregular earner.
TTalk to your employers and if overtime is optional you may prefer to give it a miss. If you do any business miles make sure you keep a fairly acurate tally of those.
It won't affect your mum's benefit in any way.
Thank you for all the advice i now feel confidant to proceed, i'll ring the advice line in the morning and then fill in the form and see how we go, x
Good, go for it if you possibly can.
Earn £150 in a good week.
Save £100 into a pension plan.
Result: £50 earnings in your hand, and £60 paid in Carers allowance, plus a large and rapidly growing tax free sum in your pension plan, which nowadays you can withdraw at any time over age 60.
It isn't rocket science, as long as you aren't on the breadline.