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Paid work affecting benefits? - Carers UK Forum

Paid work affecting benefits?

All about money
Hi I'm a full time carer for my husband who has mental health disabilities. Before I became a carer for my husband I was working full time and studying for my Nvq in health and social care..I need to return to work part time to finish my Nvq..my husband receives pip and was and I receive carers allowance..basically what I am asking is how many hours I can work paid so that it doesn't interfere with the benefits we receive..I cannot return to work full time.
Katie, ring the advice line, details here. it can be quite complicated sometimes and best to seek professional advice to see if anything can be offset from your wages


What if I am working?
If you get carer’s allowance, you are allowed to work but must earn no more than £102 a week after tax, national insurance contributions and half of any pension contributions have been taken into account.

If you pay someone to look after either the person you care for or any of your children who are under the age of 16, you can have up to half of these payments offset against any earnings you receive. You cannot do this if the payments are made to a close relative. A close relative is the parent, partner, son, daughter, brother or sister of a carer or the person being cared for.
After April it is £110, and there are lots of ways of earning £200+ per week and still claiming Carers Allowance, so this is worth serious study.
It is a faddle, but it is possible.
For example, I pay for my rather fancy car on a 3 year buyback personal lease, as I need it for work.
I can claim the whole sum back as a deductible work expense.
Lets say (for the sake of argument) the lease costs me £250 per month.
And work pays me mileage, which is not considered as earnings.
Let's also say (theoretically) they pay me £250 per month non taxable travel mileage expenses.
Then go figure! Whee.. Thats £250 against my earnings limit, a free posh car, and not a penny lost.
My car is electric, so it only costs me 3p a mile to run, whilst I get paid ten times that in mileage. This is not a co-incidence.
If I owned the car, or simply had a hire purchase agreement or loan, I couldn't deduct the lease costs.
And I haven't even mentioned how you can salt away excess earnings into a tax free pension fund, claiming 50% of all savings as an expense, and further reducing your 'apparent' earnings.
I wish I were an accountant, I would be able to help so many more people and get paid for it. :mrgreen: