Paid for brothers care?

All about money
looks like you've found the loophole in their argument - that you don't live there.

Can anyone give a doefinitive answer regarding being an appointee and being paid for care.

No one seems to be able to help me.


CUK Advice Team or The CAB.

Links posted earlier in the first reply to your question.

They are the experts ... we are mere menbers on the forum.
Hi Gurpreet
I did some research but did not come up with anything useful, sorry

At very least it could appear to be poor practice for an appointee to pay themselves but I couldn't find anything definitive
What Chris is suggesting is that you should contact the Carers UK support team who I believe are on a phone line advertised elsewhere on the website. They will look at your individual case and advise specifically on your circumstances. Alternatively Citizen's Advice Bureau which you can again find contact details from searching the web - there are different Bureaux for different counties. Sometimes it's too easy to slip into abbreviations and assume people understand what you're talking about when you've slipped into jargon that new or infrequent users won't understand.