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Overwhelming information-HELP! - Carers UK Forum

Overwhelming information-HELP!

All about money
I’m presently feeling overwhelmed and isolated both with my unsupported role as a carer and the benefits system in Scotland, moving from child services to adult services.

My 19yr old son has Down’s syndrome and left school end of June. The local council conducted a 30 minute interview with himself and me. Later I received a letter informing me my son was unemployable either in a paid or unpaid capacity. Devastated by such a negative response and no help being offered (due to lack of funding) I supported my son through interview and induction to enter a volunteer position with the National Trust for Scotland one day a week. He is waiting to hear if the college application for skillsbuiler2 course has been successful.

The local job centre informed me he was not entitled to employment support assistance and therefore had to apply for UNIVERSAL CREDIT! He had to provide evidence that his condition was not likely to improve. The doctor took over 2 weeks to return Statement of Fitness for Work for Social Security or Statutory Sick Pay as NOT FIT FOR WORK.

I was then advised by the job centre that this information had to be entered into the online journal prior to me taking the letter back to them for authorisation.

I’m now so snowed under that I’m wondering if he should be receiving different benefits. He receives the higher rate of PIP and prior to leaving school CHB. I was receiving Bereavement Benefit but have been advised I need to reapply for carers allowance.

Can anyone offer clear, simple advice to me?

Thanks in advance.
Hi Karen.

If it's plain and simple advice on benefits ... particularly under Universal Credit ... my advice is to contact either the CAB
or the Carers UK Advice Team ( Best by email ) :

Contact details follow :


https://www.carersuk.org/forum/support- ... line-24147

( PIP in itself is a nightmare with the different flavours ... throw in the UC element and expert advice really is needed. )

Universal Credit is not for the faint hearted ... even some Job Centres have a hotline to their local CAB ... let's just say that
their training has left a lot to be desired.
Hi Karen,

applying for universal credit is a nightmare, I did it for S and got so fed up jumping through all the hoops. The system and the software used are totally inflexible and I ended up involving our MP. I managed to claim it for him eventually though. Don't give up, he is entitled to the money to live on.

Just a warning, I'm S's appointee for PIP but we had to be reassessed by the DWP for me to be his appointee for UC.

Hi Karen,

Forgive me if I'm wrong here, I know some things differ depending where in the UK you are based, but something does not add up here.

I was under the assumption this had all been changed to persons with additional support needs requiring to have an EHC (education, health and care plan) done when reaching the education cut off point.

With the upmost respect because I do not intend to sound as if your son does not have the capability, but has this not happened? Are they simply expecting him to finish education as standard and join the work market?

Like aren't they supposed to be providing educational opportunities up to the age of 25 now should the person need/want to pursue them in cases like this?

My understanding with WPA (widowed parents allowance) was that it is linked to your sons eligibility for child benefit, which hinges on your son being under 20 years of age and in education/training.

If this were interrupted before the end of the 52 week period for WPA, you might be able to claim bereavement benefit for the remainder of the "grace" period so to speak providing you met the eligibility, for example the death occurring before April 2017, being over 45 but under state pension age and so on.. in fact I'm sure the page still states this.

I'm afraid you need to consider getting touch with citizens advice or similar services in your area about this.
You might also wish to contact CUK.

This situation is awful for both of you, I cannot believe you have been fed to the wolves in this way especially during a period of grieving/mourning a loved one.

Please I hope someone with recent experience of 19+ SEND support sees this thread

Best wishes
Thank you all for the words of encouragement, it meant a lot :D

I shall take a deep breath and follow some of the suggestions.