Letter from Chris Grayling/Esther McVey

All about money
I recently sent in a copy of the correspondance i recieved from Chris Grayling my MP, and it contained a letter from the laughable Esther McVey about C/A.
As CG isn't interested in dealing with the issue, it has been passed to this awful woman who was responsible for some of the damage done to the Remploy organisation, i was rather furious that she is now taking responsibility for this situation.
Can anyone tell me what might be happening re this letter if anything ie how it might be used to get some action taken, just a response that it was recieved in Gt Dover St would be appreciated.
I did send it as advised to Catherine Flynn for her attention.
Hope someone will let me know what if anything this communication has been used for.
Thanks. Scott. Image
Hi scott, do you mean that you have sent the letter to carersUK?
If so, then there we wont be able to say what has happened as this forum has been set up by carersUK for the benefit of carers. We are other carers here, not the organisation. I would try e-mailing carersUK. Sorry.
Hi Scott, I've flagged up your post for staff Image
edther mcvey is well out of her depth did you see her performance at the select committee what a shambles 10% OF THIS AND 50% OF THAT MAKES 34 % OF THE OTHER BUT DONT FORGET THE 55 % OF WHAT WE SHOULD HAVE DONE AND YES THE 20% OF THOSE WHO DID GET THE 60% results in not a cut of 50% but a rise of 25% but only if the 40 % over 80 pass away and the remaing 25 % find a job without the 40% in remploy..time for tea mr chairman .....how she ever got on childrens t.v. is beyond me ....