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atos assesment help

All about money
Hi guys and gals, my caree had her atos assesment letter come through and the worrys had started.
ok, heres what we did, Speak to your housing association or council officer and get in touch with the welfare officer, it is there job to help you when you need it and fight for you. as a result she was excerlent, she took control, and along with a letter from our gp about not attending an assement due to her conditions we received a letter from atos saying it was not nesscary at this time for an assesment to be done. so we no longer have to go, so the decision will rest on the esa50 form whicch was sent in as part of the claim, so make sure you get help and fill that in as best you can, our one was not done very well so we will wait and see what the decision is.
Get the help yoou need and i would reccommend definatly getting the welfare officer to help you, it has lifted a massive weight of my shoulders and feel much better about it.
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My closest friend died and he'd had a request to complete an ATOS form. I did this for him while he was in hospital. I informed everyone after he had died and twice afterwards they made appointments for him to attend these meetings.
I never bothered to inform them that he wouldn't be attending with these later appointments. I figured he was doing his bit and saving some other poor soul from having the appointment instead and I have to say I did quite enjoy the idea of them calling him in and realising he hadn't turned up.