Of working age?

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I don't know if this is posted in the right place, but does anyone know what 'they' mean when they are talking about changes to old age pension, when the say stuff like,
"this will only affect people of working age" what is 'working age' now?

To me it's always been up to 65 for men and 60 for ladies. However, if I had not taken early retirement at 50, as a Civil Servant, my retirement age (for my grade) would have been 60 (I will be 64 in March, if I behave myself).

Jan had to take 'medical retirement 44, but she is now (62)and gets her 'State Pension'.

I don't think the talked about changes will affect us, but I would like to know what the Forum Community thinks.
The rules about 'retirement' age changed some time ago Jimbo - 65 (men) and 60 (women) is a thing of the past !
Retirement age is when an employee chooses to retire. Most businesses don’t set a compulsory retirement age for their employees
Retirement age is not the same as State Pension age which can be between 61 and 68, depending when someone was born and if they’re male or female. Anyone can carry on working past State Pension age
You can find out more here]https://www.gov.uk/retirement-age[/url]

But basically if you are already claiming your State Pension then the new changes will not affect you, they will only affect those retiring/claiming state pension after the changes come into effect.
Spot on Susie.
Retirement ages are all changing as the government makes us work longer so it now depends on when you were born as to what age you can retire.
Thank yuou all.

Now what about 'of wokingh age' with regards to DLA? Anyone got any ideas?
Thank yuou all.

Now what about 'of wokingh age' with regards to DLA? Anyone got any ideas?
explained here Jimbo

http://www.dwp.gov.uk/policy/disability ... e-payment/
Disability Living Allowance will end for everyone of working age even if they have an indefinite period award. By working age we mean everyone who is aged 16 to 64 on the day Personal Independence Payment is introduced.

There are no current plans to replace Disability Living Allowance for children under 16 and people aged 65 and over who are already receiving Disability Living Allowance.

Is there no official retirement age now then? Anyone can retire anytime they want?
Only if you're a millionaire Nana! I officially retire in January 2014, when I'm 61 and 10 months.
Oh goody. I can "retire" at age 66. Unless they move the goalposts again.

Mind you, I already know I can't afford to retire.