Non dependant charges.

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I am very confused I have just received a letter to tell me that my non dependant charge for council tax has been revised. The problem is that they have now included my sons DLA as income. As he receives higher rate mobility and care this has increased his payment from £4 to£8 per week. Typically this arrived on Saturday when their shut. Just wanted to check as I was sure DLA was not included as income.
Carers UK has a brilliant helpline specialising in benefits advice. Give them a ring, or email if the line is busy, and they will sort this out. However, can I ask how old your son is, and what is the nature of his disability?
He is 38 with complex needs has cerebral palsy, mental health issues, Epilepsy moderate learning difficulties, and borderline visual impaired.
My son does not pay any Council Tax at all, as he is classed as having "severe mental impairment" which means he is exempt. Google "Council" and you will find full details.
I have just been onto the council it appears the council tac reduction rules have changed so that all income is included. Including DLA I have contacted the help line I hope they can help. If this is right it means that if you have to claim council tax help and have a disabled adult living with you who is classed as a non dependant they will be charged more.