My Father has lived full-time with my family for more than 3 years. Over this period his health has deteriorated to the point where he now has dementia and is immobile / bed bound (needing to be lifted between his chair / bed / commode with a hoist. Aside from an hours private care in the morning (for washing and dressing) my wife and I care for my Father 24 x 7 x 365 with all this entails (toileting, feeding, medication, 'stimulation', admin etc etc). Our full-time role means we have little or no 'me time'. We get NO support from my siblings and other family members.

We were aware of our commitment when we agreed to have him live with us and have no desire to have him live in a Care Home; my Father doesn't want to spend his twilight years in a Home either.

Before his mental health declined my Father agreed to 'pay' me for living with my family. Originally he paid me £600 per month but this sum has increased; he currently pays me £1000 per month but given the recent increases in prices for food, utilities etc, I feel this sum it too low.

What do other Members 'charge' for having their Parent(s) live with them and what is a reasonable figure?

Many thanks.