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Urgent Help Needed -Carers UK Forum

Urgent Help Needed

All about money
Hello, my 1st post on here.

In short I am trying to find out 1 simple thing and other forums have not been able to help at all.

I am living at home with mum, she gets AA and a state pension, lives in a council house with me, where I get ESA (long term) and low rate mobility on PIP.

Therfore, I can not do alot of things even for myself, but I try to be there for my mum, she has Vascular Dementia you see and I am always making sure that she is safe from harm and as I physically can not do many things, me and mum have developed a way that when she gets stuck in bed or simply can not get up from the sofa I stand, lean back as to fall, so she can stand up again.

My question is, would I qualify for CA as I am only making sure she is safe and giving partial physical help?
I was told that this was enough to qualify for CA, but I am worried now to try to get it as I am thinking would they not deduct some of her state pension or AA? Or deduct some of my ESA or PIP?
Hi Mat
Don't know the answer to your question but the help team on here will. Copy your post as an e-mail to them. I don't think her pension or AA would be affected but I haven't a clue about the other benefits. You might also find some answers if you click on the red help button at the top of this page and follow the links. Lots of info there.
In regards to getting up, what happens if Mum suddenly lets go? Wouldn't you end up flat on your back? Have you both had an assessment from an Occupational Therapist? All sorts of equipment can be lent to you if you and mum have need. Stand aids for example. What about a Needs assessment and Carer's Assessment? Have you had SS in to do those?
Happy New Year to you both.
Hi Mat,

The helpline would be best placed to advise:
Carers UK Adviceline

The Carers UK Adviceline is our expert telephone and email advice and support service.

0808 808 7777
The Carers UK Adviceline will be open as usual until Thursday 22 December 2016.

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Friday 23 December 2016: 10am - 12pm
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Hi Mat, welcome to the forum. I'm very concerned about the way you are helping mum up. Too many carers have ended up with long term back problems. The solution is simple. Mum needs a "rise and recline" chair. My mum loved hers, just push a button and it would, very, very gently lift up and tip her up slightly so her feet would be firmly on the floor. Ask Social Services to arrange an Occupational Therapy Assessment, they gave mum her chair free of charge, but every area is different. If you are constantly keeping an eye on mum that's really important, so apply for CA. Who gets what is quite complicated, our helpline will talk you through it. Is mum paying Council Tax? She may be exempt due to "severe mental impairment".
What help are you getting from Social Services? Ask them for a Needs Assessment for mum and a Carers Assessment for yourself. In my area there are monthly carers meetings where the cared for person is welcome, and there are other things for carers, steam train trip, shopping trip, Christmas lunch etc