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My husband is my carer and has had a letter about esa - Carers UK Forum

My husband is my carer and has had a letter about esa

All about money
I wonder if anyone can advise us? My husband and I are both disabeled and are carers for each other. I have a joint claim for us for income support, we both recieve SDA premium and carers premium, my husband recieves IB and has just recieved a letter saying they are changing this to ESA and someone will call him soon and will send him a limited capability for work questionaire. If he doesn't get the required points to put him in the support group (although i think he should be in the support group!) will they expect him to look for work even though he is my carer? Also I have not recieved the same letter as him yet, but I did get a letter in 2010 saying that my benefits would still be paid as I am considered 80% disabeled, does this mean I wont be getting a limited capability work questionaire? We care for each other as it works for us, there are some things I help my husband with and some things he helps me with. Life is difficult for us and this is really worrying I have looked on the internet but don't seem to be able to find the information I need, I have also looked at the limited capability for work questionaire on the internet and there is nothing on it about being a carer. Can anyone advise please thanks
We have had a run in with ATOS about the ESA. My hubby has been put in the work group even though the jobcentre have admitted that he cant do any job. His GP and Consultants have all said that he should be in the support group.We are now appealing the decision.

We have found CAB to be really helpful as they understand how to fill in forms and also know the correct phraseology to use. I wish we had gone to see them when we were at the stage of filling in the original questionnaire and I strongly recommend that you do.

Good luck
Thanks for you reply.
Are you or your husband a carer? I wondered wether you had to do the questionaire and attend all the other stuff if you are a carer?
Hi Susan, Im the carer. The questionnaire says that the disabled person should fill it in, but in hubbies case he dosnt have much insight to his problems, so I filled it in. I also go with him to meetings etc, as he forgets what has been said.
Thanks for that. Do you no wether they would expect my husband to go to interviews as he is my carer? I can't seem to get an understanding of how all of this will work as like I said we fall into a pretty unique situation were we are both disabeled and carers for each other.
I'm so sorry they seem to be treating you so badly, it's disgusting!!
Is there a problem with him going to interviews? Hopefully it wont go that far, but I think that if the person with the disability and their carer turns up it makes the problem more obvious. It also gives you some backing if they start to suggest that you dont need help, as well as another person to remember everything.