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attendance allowance

All about money
I know my caree has to have been ill for 6 months before I can claim attendance allowance but can I include in that 6 months, the time he has spent in hospital?
I don't see why not. You can't have AA when someone is in hospital for more than about 28 days as the state is then providing the "attendant". However, eligibility is just that someone has been disabled for 6 months. The fact that in that period they have been in hospital backs up your claim of entitlement, I would have thought.
I think the answer is no. AA is from the date of application.
You have to be disabled for six months before you are eligible. It won't be backdated to cover that first six months though. If you go to the top of this page, you will see a "Help and Advice" tab. Click her, type Attendance Allowance into the search box, you will be taken to a 20 page leaflet all about AA, eligibility criteria etc. It's really clearly written, should answer any questions you might have. (Sorry, can't do links, but someone else may be along later who can!)
I had to laugh at when you are in hospital the state provides the attendant. When Rob jr was in hospital for 2 weeks in January I did the 12 hours care during the day and my husband did the 12 hours care at night and the nurses did as little as they could get away with!

thank you all for your replies and for the link :)
I don't get CA as I'm over 65 & my wife doesn't get AA as she's under 65.

I also don't get the adult dependant part of the State Pension as we got married after April 2010 so I'm a married man with a single person's State Pension but funnily enough I'm not classed as single for council tax purposes.

Talk about a triple whammy. Lol !!