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Motability funding change?? - Page 2 -Carers UK Forum

Motability funding change??

All about money
Eun wrote:And what about those who need their vehicle to get to hospital appointments? We have never claimed the discretionary funding and always pay the non returnable deposit ourselves for our wheelchair adapted van with a tailgate lift. We use son's mobility allowance against the van and my mobility allowance to pay for the fuel. The van has to take son and all his equipment plus my mobility scooter.

Lets get this straight right from the start so that the thread doesn't descend into another 'sniping' thread.

I'm posting what I understand, after considerable research, is Motability's reasoning for the changes, not what I think should happen.

I suspect that Motability would suggest using the mobility part of DLA / PIP to pay for a wheelchair taxi for hospital appointments etc.

If you pay for your adapted van without any help from Motability I can't see you being affected by this change.
No it won't affect us but I am thinking of those who it will affect. For example people who are like us but cannot afford the deposit cannot use a wheelchair accessible taxi nor indeed any public transport. People with DMD who use a very large tilt in space adapted wheelchair and require a ventilator, a back up ventilator and eating ventilator, back up battery and cough assist machine all of which weigh a couple of stone each plus of course if they also have a mother like me who uses a mobility scooter - I would love to know how Motability expect to get that lot in a wheelchair taxi! Our van for example is the biggest and tallest van you can get being a Renault Master with an extended tailbase. Another family we know have a bigger van than ours because they have two sons with DMD.

I don't know where you live but South Staffordshire NHS have a Patient Trasnsport Service which provides transport for those who need breathing assistance equipment so I'd hope that most areas will do the same.
So as far as those twats at Motability are concerned as a severely disabled person the only time you should be allowed out of the prison of your house is to go to a hospital appointment? Surely this must be some sort of discrimination against those with the most severe disabilities? We'd be lost without our van (although we won't have to be due to the money left us by my late in laws) so I can't imagine how people with more than one very severely disabled son will cope.
As far as I know there is nothing like that sort of hospital transport here in our part of Scotland. Someone like my son would take up the whole vehicle and no one else would be able to get on it, lol