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MOTABILITY CAR - Hospital Stay - Page 2 - Carers UK Forum

MOTABILITY CAR - Hospital Stay

All about money
Having the free car tax means that you can park in lots of car parks which charge blue badge holders. It's quite a saving too.
If you are Road Tax Exempt, this can also entitle you to travel free on certain toll roads, bridges & tunnels (eg M6 Toll & Humber Bridge), though you have to apply in advance.
Bowlingbun can you tell me more about the free parking please?
Nilla, the rules about parking depend on each local authority, so you ALWAYS need to check when you park in a council car park. In my area, the New Forest, they even have different classes of car park, one set of rules for shopping car parks, one for the tourist pretty car parks. However, as a general rule, I've found that councils will charge for blue badge holders UNLESS they have a disabled tax disc. I think that's because there has been so much trouble with people abusing the blue badge scheme. If you go on holiday, or even out for the day to various places, you can save an awful lot of money by not having to pay. I love being able to walk again thanks to my new knees, but now I happily don't need a blue badge anymore and I'm paying road tax again, I'm now discovering how much parking fees have gone up!
Thanks to everybody for responding.

The latest info I have - and this may be of use to anyone finding themselves in this position.

Motability have been very supportive and have asked, for the time being, to simply be kept informed of the situation so they can help out. From conversations I've had on the telephone, 3 months appears to be the next point in time that they'd ask for updates... but I figure it to be both wise and proper to keep them informed.

My only concern would be the comment, "We take our lead from DWP."

If so, may a great spiritual being have mercy...