Misuse of blue badge

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Rosie_1508 wrote: . . .
Another point which is annoys me is when we get stared at for parking in a blue badge parking area the reason being we own a "white van" if only people checked to see if we had a badge before they gave us the dirty looks. I now wave it around before I put it on display but I am sure people don't believe us until we get the scooter out or if its a quick visit see just how badly Ps mobility is.
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Personally I would ignore these "starers". If you have a Blue Badge and are using it legitimately, then you have nothing to worry about.
Yes, it is infuriating when you see someone practically running away from the car where they are displaying a blue badge. I agree that a lot of disabilities are invisible but I would never confront anyone. It is not worth the aggro.. What happens regularly at our near supermarket is the disabled person sitting in the car while family and/or friends shop, or bringing mother just to use her blue badge, leave her in the car and go and do the shopping. I have seen so many poor ladies sitting, bored to tears, in the car while they wait for their selfish relatives.

I did report a nurse to the council who had just come off duty and ran to her car which was displaying a blue badge and parked in a disabled bay in the park and ride car park and drove off alone. I did know that this nurse worked in a very busy ward and certainly wasn't disabled and I was disappointed that someone who works in such a role could be so uncaring when it came to disabled people.

So, yes, report people who are obviously misusing the blue badge but one thing which happened really made me think! I had just parked my car in a disabled space (I was lucky! They are a bit like gold dust!) and became really annoyed when a lady got out of her car next to mine and walked easily into the store. However, when I struggled out of my car I noticed a sign on her car 'I would happily give up my Blue Badge if I could give up my MS'. Just shows you can't go by appearances!