Me and wife care full time for both parent in theree home

All about money
Adam, I'm disgusted at the way you are being treated. It is one of the worst situations I've seen on the forum, to put it into context. You do NOT have to put up with this, I hope we can help make things better.


From now on, refuse to pay "rent".

A bit more information would be useful to help us give best advice.

Does your wife have any brothers and sisters?
Do her parents own the house, or rent it?
Do you have any household goods of your own left from your former home?
Have the parents had a Needs Assessment, and you a Carers Assessment recently, from Social Services?
Do they have over £46,000 in savings?
Does your wife have Power of Attorney for them?
Which of them is demanding rent, alcoholic mum with dementia (the alcohol won't help) or bedbound dad?! Is the money needed to buy the days alcohol?
Are they both claiming Attendance Allowance?

Do you have a mobile phone that can do short videos? You must now keep a diary and whenever either parent is having a go at either of you, get the phone out and record what is happening. A number of forum members have found that this is the best way of getting doctors and social workers to believe what is actually going on at home.
Yes brother and sister that come once a year at chrismas had no help from them
We have some furniture from our own house
The mum own,s her house out right
No savings
No assessmen
Wife does not have power of attorney
Mum asking for rent money dad as no say
Yes both get attendance allowance