Is there a change in Carers Allowance rules?

All about money
I'm wondering if anyone else has noticed what seems to be a subtle change in the Carers Allowance rules on breaks in caring, especially in terms of what is said on the official government website. My husband goes into a nursing home for a week or ten days every so often to give me a break. This is paid for by respite funding from our local council. Obviously I let the Carers Allowance Unit know as soon as possible after he comes home. He has had four of these breaks since December, so it was my understanding that I would only be allowed to have four weeks of respite break in total in a 26 week period before my Carers Allowance would be taken away while he was in the nursing home.
When I looked at the change of circumstances page on the website (mainly to get the phone number!) I noticed it said the following:
'You could for example get Carers Allowance for up to:
• 12 weeks if either of you go into respite care or hospital.
• 4 weeks if either of you go on holiday'
I'm pretty sure that in the past it said the 12 week period stated only applied to someone going into hospital, and respite care (or another type of break) could only be for four weeks. Other sources of information including Carers UK seem to confirm this.
If this is the case, it's excellent news but has anyone else noticed this or did I misread the information before?
My son was in residential care for a few years. DWP said I couldn't claim CA for periods at home, but this was wrong. The CUK helpline told me how I could claim, and why. Please contact the helpline, email is best, and they will explain it far better than I can. They made me £50 a week better off, which I was hugely grateful for!