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Losing My Mind

All about money
My wife has been registered disabled for the past 2 Years. She Suffers with Epilepsy and has done since she was 16. We have both worked all our lives up until this point, but 2 days after our wedding in 2012 she was taken to hospital with chronic stomach pains. While being bedridden in hospital for 5 weeks we found out she has Ulcerative Colitis. She lost her job when discharged and had to stay at home and claim DLA (which destroyed her as she loves working) which forced me to leave work as her stomach pain worsened and under her new medication for Colitis began having more seizures than normal (4-5 a week). I have been claiming Carers allowance since and looking after her and her 2 daughters.
About 2-3 weeks ago we had a face-to-face assessment with a member of Capita who was very understandable about the fluctuation of both my wifes conditions and assured us that we would have no trouble in claiming PIP.
This morning (Sat 8th November 2014) i received a letter from DWP which quotes;
"We are writing to tell you that according to our records the payment of Disability Living Allowance at the middle or highest rate component, Personal Independence Payment at either rate of the daily living component, Attendance Allowance or Constant Attendance Allowance to the person you are caring for is due to stop on 02/12/2014. If this payment does stop on that date, payment of Carer's Allowance to you will also stop. We will send you a formal decision about this shortly after 02/12/2014."

I'm confused as we have received no calls or letters from Capita or DWP regarding the decision to continue or stop payments. My wife also suffers with anxiety and the letter is upsetting her greatly and i cannot contact the DWP until Monday morning. Does anybody have any information regarding this and can offer me some advice or insight and put my wifes mind at rest. Is it stopping, is it not or is it just because DLA is swapping to PIP and i need to apply for Carers again.

Any help would be much appreciated, thanks for reading and sorry for the nervous rant.
I am sorry to say that DWP have decided that your wife does not qualify for PIP, so as from the beginning of December, she will not be getting PIP, or DLA and you will not be getting Carers Allowance :angry:
It is happening a lot. You need to put in an appeal as soon as possible and contact someone who can help you with this appeal. I found CAB helpful when my husband failed ESA, but how good they are depends on where you live. If she is over 55 then Age UK will help. Alternately contact the help line (or email) CarersUK.
DWP will quite often overturn decisions on appeal.
Hi Benjamin, I'm afraid the DWP send out standard computer generated letters which often explain very little, and may well be grossly inaccurate. I was disabled after a car accident and met an ATOS assessor who said that the Waitrose car park was 300 YARDS away from the shop!! On the basis of that report, which I hadn't seen, I was sent a letter of refusal. However, it was finally resolved when I was persistent. I rang the number on the letter, and when the first girl I spoke to didn't listen, insisted on speaking to her superior. From my experience (and I can only talk from that) I would suggest that you ring them up on Monday morning and ask for a copy of the assessment report to be sent to you asap. Go through it carefully, armed with a highlighter pen if there are any bits you wish to query. Then ring the Carers UK helpline. If their number is busy, email them and they WILL get back to you asap. Depending on where you live, there may be a disability rights organisation, or a Citizens Advice Bureau. I know personally just how stressful this can be, but try not to worry too much in the meantime.
Hi Benjamin,
My wife received a letter similar for the EEsa, but the money didn't come. We tried phoning for over a week, with no luck. So on her behalf I wrote to Mr. I. D-Smith within a week she had an apology and her money. This is my suggestion only if your still getting paid don't worry. If not the do as I did on behalf of your wife write to the minister concerned.