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losing my carers allowance when starting pension

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hi - I need some advice please and am new to this web site: I have been in receipt of carers allowance for my wife who is on the middle rate of disability and higher rate for mobility. I have just had my 65 birthday and have drawn my pension - I was absolutely astounded when i was told i would loose my carerers payment. I have looked at the gov website and they mention something about severe disability addition at 61.85 per week if the person youcare for is either higher or mediun rate dissability - could this be possible for me to claim - as i will really suffer if i loose my carers payment each week.
Hi Glenn

Yes, unfortunately it is true that you lose CA once you claim your state pension - the reasoning goes that both CA and the State Pension are classified as a overlapping "benefits" and you can't claim both at the same time. However you should still register for CA as an 'underlying' benefit which can then be a gateway to other benefits.

I would suggest that you contract the Carers UK Adviceline for information and advice on what other benefits you could be eligible to claim. Their telephone lines are usually oversubscribed so it's generally better to email them

tel: 0808 808 7777
email: advice@carersuk.org
Open Monday to Friday, 10am to 4pm
Yes, if you are a pensioner you lose CA. I'm in the same situation as you. Ring the Carers UK helpline for advice about the other benefits.
Oh, hi, is this you Glenn, or is that a different Glenn? Either way, welcome!
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I think it's a shame that we lose the Carers' Allowance when we start receiving our State Pension, as we would be glad of the CA more than ever then.

Hi Glenn
Your wife will be entitled to claim Severe Disability Premium if you are no longer claiming Carers Allowance for her. It needs to be claimed by your wife and it will be paid to her instead of you.
Severe Disability Premium is paid if you are claiming DLA at higher or middle rate for care, PIP or Attendance Allowance and no one is claiming Carers Allowance for looking after you.
Hope that helps
Hi , I get my pension in November, I am also disgusted that the carers allowance stops
I have cared for my son who has severe learning disabilities and challenging behaviour 24/7 for all of his 32 years and he still lives at home with us
Now my husband has been diagnosed with emphysema , heart problems and a blood disorder , he needs 24 hour care. To add to this my mother is 83 and has dementia after a stroke last November, I am caring for her as well. so my caring roll has increased at this time of my life
The carers allowance has always been a pittance and if it hadn't been for my husband working hard in the building trade all his life which has worn him out at the age of 65, I would never have coped all these caring years
I feel totally invisible to the government no matter what party is in power, and I have never heard of a campaign by any minister to really help carers and to recognise how much we save the country and also recognise that some people dont stop caring just because they reach pensionable age, in fact it can become more demanding as in my case. sorry for the rant but I feel so angry
Carers allowance is described by the DWP as an Income replacement - in other words, it is a substitute for lost earnings. This is clearly farcical: I don't know anyone who earns £62 a week for 35 hours work. It would be illegal to pay someone that kind of hourly rate, under £2 an hour, but it seems the government is exempt from minimum wage legislation when it comes to carers.
I can earn ten times that rate, and so can many other people. £20 an hour is not exactly an extreme wage - after all, how much do you pay your plumber or electrician?
There are very good arguments why this pensionable age threshold for Carers Allowance is in breach of age discrimination legislation, so my challenge to Carers UK is to take this through the courts.
Naturally that will cost money, so please make sure that if you read this thread, you are also chipping in to Carers UK with a donation: they do not thrive on thin air, you know!
Severe disability premium
https://www.turn2us.org.uk/Benefit-guid ... emium.aspx

As others have suggested though, best to seek professional support from CarersUK Adviceline