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losing dla for my daughter

All about money
That length of time to wait is a disgrace. Maybe contact your MP to get it hurried up. I know DWP respond quickly as a rule to MP interventions.
I have been involved in making PIP applications (not the same as DLA but similar).

It is very frustrating, but your situation is not uncommon. I have heard that a lot are being turned down on application and again at Mandatory reconsideration. However at the next stage, tribunal, is where more people win.

Don't give up and have a read of this: https://www.carersuk.org/help-and-advic ... -allowance
Going off that guide she should be eligible because she needs someone with her at all times.

She doesn’t have any triggers so her absences and seizures just appear out of nowhere. Just last week she had an episode where she was walking along, she went into an absence and then her legs went from under her. What normal (I hate that word) child of her age does that?

I’ve phoned up today and it could be another 32 weeks, which will take us into January. And because my husband works too many hours we won’t be eligible for any extra support while we wait :(
I've helped lots of people with benefits applications, the only one I ever had problems with was my own. After a car accident I couldn't walk for 5 years until I had two knee replacements.
My best friend used to work for DWP, ultimately as a senior manager. From her, I knew that if you ask for any member of staff's name, they must give it to you (always do this at the beginning of every conversation, and write it down).
I also knew that if at any time you were not happy with what you were being told, you can stop the conversation and ask to speak to their line manager, and their line manager, and go right up the "organisation tree" if need be. Sometimes they might have to ring you back, if that's the case, find out his/her name before you accept this.
By doing this, I got a manager to look again at my case, the doctor had written that the Waitrose car park was 300 YARDS away from the shop, in fact it was 6 feet. I'd been turned down because if I could walk this distance, I did not meet the eligibility criteria.
So try again on the phone, but this time don't accept what you are told. Before you make the call, have a coffee, and a wee, because it may take some time. Do it in a good mood, ask them to look again at what you have sent them and see if they think you are being treated unjustly.
Good luck. Keep us posted.