Living of £60 a week, What other benefits can i claim??

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im hoping that the continued pressure from midwife and gp as well as mental health team and environmental health will mean that we dont slip through the net. we have a health visitor coming out next week to meet my fiancee so that will be another person on our side. We are on a waiting list with the local housing team but we are far down the list. They have just told us to find something private which we are really trying to do. My fiancee has written some brilliant letters and cover letters for all departments involved and has taken over the emails so that i can concentrate on keeping the place we are in as liveable as possible. (mould treatments everyday, washing by hand to save electric etc) It's just getting too close for comfort. as she is now 30 weeks pregnant. with all the stress i can see our little lady arriving early anyway so i need to have a safe home to bring them back to. my fiancee cant stay in hospital due to her social anxiety so if we dont have a secure and safe home all hell is going to break loose.
I'm afraid the waiting list in our area is currently about 8 years. However, my son on benefits rents privately. As he counts as a vulnerable adult, the council are allower to pay housing benefit direct to the private landlord. So there is absolutely no risk whatsoever of them not getting the money. In fact he's an ideal tenant. Under these circumstances, it might be possible to persuade a letting agency to make an exception to policy, especially with so many supporting letters?
So that now takes you to the issue of a deposit. Do you have the funds available?
Washing machines use minimal hot water, you might even be using more power washing by hand. How do you heat water?
we heat water on a gas hob and do large washed in the bath. we can get through the washing basket in about an hour.we cant afford the electric to use the washing machine as it came with the flat is is not good for energy costs. we dont use the heating unless we can help it and have to really plan out bills such as internet and phone. My fiancees mother is willing to put up a deposit so we can pay her back with the deposit on this place. The landlords themselves round here aren't interested in tenants on benefits. we ask about everything that comes up but no joy so far.
The landlords themselves round here aren't interested in tenants on benefits. we ask about everything that comes up but no joy so far.

David ... many readers will emphasis with this , now a MAJOR problem 'ere in Worksop ... only one letting agent accepts benefit tenants out of the seven that remain. Even more problematic , many also work ... albeit part time / zero hour contract for the sole reason that's all that is available.

Heating ? The heated brick variety ... heat available after several hours ... I'm " Lucky " ... most neighbours on those mechanical catherine wheels ... prepayment meters ... draw one's own conclusion.

Even switch on at night to save running costs a thing of the past with these new " We make money even faster " meters and tariffs !!!

Switch ? Fine ... still 18% up on same usuage as per a mere year ago even with the cheapest quote !

Standard charge around 40% of bills ... cheaper to pay more for usage amd abolish the standard charge !

UC arrives in 5 weeks , hardly anything on the manor not now battened down ... firmly.

50 manors per month ... say several hundred thousand benefit claimants affected monthly.

Using the Met Office terminology , an unpresented category 8 , perhaps 9 , storm IS on it's way.

.... and there's no sign of any post storm relief task force in the offering.