Hi everyone. Longtime user, pretty much first time poster. If this is in the wrong section, please feel free to move or ask me to repost elsewhere- I'm almost pathologically reasonable Image

I post regularly on MSE (I'm sure many of you have opinions about that site) and after reading a lot of posts from other carers and disabled people I came up with the following suggestion, which I have now agreed to turn into a e-petition.

'I'm thinking something along the lines of

'An employer could not be reasonably expected to employ the claimant due to:

a) Excessive sickness leave required
b) Excessive leave for hospital or other necessary treatment that cannot be taken outside of working hours (since most treatment is unavoidably scheduled between 9-5, Monday to Friday)
c) Adjustments to the working environment that would be detrimental to the health and safety (and comfort?) of the other employees
d) Inability of the claimant to be flexible to the business's needs (eg, cannot work additional hours, have their schedule changed, have their place of work changed or work in a different capacity temporarily)

If two or more of these apply, claimant should be placed in the support group.'

Anything else you would add or argue with? I'm mainly thinking of my husband, who has a sensory impairment, so other people will have other perspectives.'

I'd be really interested to hear views from other people about this idea, particularly what you would add or amend. I have had some supportive PMs on the other site, mostly from people who don't wish to give their opinion publicly because of fears of benefit bashing. I know this is a far more supportive site and hopefully it won't be an issue here.

If you can point me to other sites where this could be usefully posted, I'd be grateful as I think we should have as many views and as much buy in as we can get for something so potentially controversial (not least in that it would force the government to officially recognise that some disabled people are unemployable and that there is no shame in this). Also feel free to refer anyone who might be interested to this post. If you prefer to PM me, I will not make anything you say public here or anywhere else.

Many thanks for reading this essay!