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A general election that is impossible to call - Carers UK Forum

A general election that is impossible to call

All about money
With its first ever prime ministerial debates, new constituency boundaries and opinion polls suggesting the novelty of three evenly-matched Westminster parties, the 2010 general election was difficult to predict.

However, the 2015 election looks set to present us with an even bigger headache.

The great majority of parliamentary constituencies do not change party allegiance in elections
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As we all know GE15 is not far away. The hustings of GE2010 saw carers and social care high on the agenda but were mostly false promises. It is not just the Coalition govt though, all parties, past and present, need accept the blame that nothing much been done to bring improvements for carers.

Is anyone here planning on campaigning this time round? Writing letters to local media/politicians?

Do you know who you will be voting for? Will it really make any difference whom gets in??

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I am so, so tired of politicians blaming the other party for anything and everything that goes wrong. During the last few weeks I've heard a number of people say that "they are all as bad as each other" and that just about sums it up. Strong leadership, morality, a sense of community all seem to be things of the past....or did I just think things were better when I was young, because I didn't really understand?
I will be voting SNP and hope that the majority of Scotland do as well and that we do the same to Labour up here as we have done to the Conservatives!

Many of my friends in Scotland are with you on that Eun

My heart is with the Greens, my bet is on Labour to win the largest number of seats, and I'll almost certainly vote SNP in order to stop Millipede and his red Tory cronies having an outright majority.
I'll be voting Green, based on what I've read over the last few years they're the only party who aren't controlled/working for big business and the only one who are anti-austerity. I don't agree with all of their policies but overall I feel they better represent the kind of world I want to live in.
Will we ever see an outright 'winner' again, or do we face a lifetime of Coalitions? Mind boggles at it all :woohoo: :woohoo:
I don't have any political leaning I just vote with my heart. I'm sorry to say it but I think who ever wins the disabled and carers plus the elderly will be what I call in line for the cut. I as a carer looking after someone with MS wheelchair bound just had two relapses within month of each other. She has had this problem 41 years doctors at the hospital are baffled has too how she has survived this long. My advice is to anyone reader of this is in May start too worry more because whoever gets in we are what I called doomed.