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IS THIS ADVICE CORRECT ?????????? - Carers UK Forum


All about money

Like thousands of other carers this is the time of year we yet again have to inform the council of our status re council tax , housing benefit as I pay my rent , council tax they don't need any information from me but as I live with the person I care for and am not a partner / spouse I can claim the 25% " carers discount " from the council tax , therefore they have asked yet again for evidence that I receive carers allowance , during this conversation I mentioned that I retire in 2016 I was then informed that as a state pensioner I will be UNABLE TO CLAIM THE 25% COUNCIL TAX DISCOUNT I informed them that if my mother is still alive and kicking I will continue to provide on-going care.. it does not matter she said without carers allowance no 25% council tax discount ....... is she right ????????
No they arnt. Its not that its the carers allowance that gets you the discount. The point is that the person who has dementia is exempt from council tax. If they lived by themself they wouldnt have to pay any and as you are living there you are treated as if you live alone and get the 25% discount. The carers allowance has nothing to do with this.
Google Council Tax gov.uk. Full details of those who are EXEMPT. That's not a discretionary discount, it's government rules, on the government website. If the person you are caring for comes into certain categories, then they are exempt. If you don't count because the person you are caring for falls into certain categories, then you too are exempt. You might even end up in a position where you are both exempt, so they can't even charge you a bean. My son lives alone, has severe learning difficulties, and he pays no Council Tax at all, whereas usually people living alone only get a 25% discount.
I don't understand why people with learning disabilities get an exception and people with severe physical disabilities don't - how is this fair or justified?

It's unjustifiable to me Eun, especially when your son has far great needs than mine. Maybe it's based on the belief that because people with LD need someone with them for support, whereas the disabled don't. Obviously that's very simplistic, but then rules, like questionnaires, usually reflect the minds of those who set them?!
Ring CarersUK adviceline George. They will be able to advise. Even when your CA stops, I thought you still kept underlying entitlement?? Staff on advice line will know

The theory is that you get a reduction if a room has been adapted due to special needs. In practice, its an online eyeball- to eyeball game played for rather small stakes, and who dares, wins.
Can someone do a link to the dotgov page?
Council tax Carer discounts have NOTHING to do with Carers Allowance.. If you are a live in carer not caring for your child, spouse, or partner then you are exempt, invisible, treated as ig you don't exist.
Thanks Susie. Maybe George will even be entitled to a refund?! It's really worrying to hear that a council doesn't bother to find out what the rules are they are supposed to be applying.