interview under caution - fraud investigation

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" Over £ 5k " ... latest posting on the main thread refers to this " Cut off " point ... in most cases. ... read-34576

The National Audit Office found the DWP was aiming to recoup overpayments from 80,000 people, worth about £150m.

Most debts are for less than £1,000 but some people owe more than £20,000.

BBC News has discovered the DWP and the Crown Prosecution Service, who take the cases to court, are not routinely telling judges the department could have spotted the errors earlier.

A Crown Prosecution Service spokesman said every case was "carefully considered" but it did not have a duty to disclose "publicly available government reports that do not relate to specific cases".

The DWP said decisions to prosecute were not taken lightly and were generally reserved for overpayments of more than £5,000.
Thanks for getting back to the forum. It's really useful for others who may need the information.
I can't believe how calm you come across. Or is it you have just come to terms. That is a lot of money. Did they speak about how if it comes to it you intend to pay this amount back.
hi Sunnydisposition,

For months I've had sleepless nights, feeling sick in my stomach awaiting the letter for the date of interview, having no idea what they will say to me in the interview, crying when alone, but only having a clear conscience to prove my defence - that's how calm I've been ;) (that was supposed to be a silly smilie not sarcastic :) )
But I am calmer now that the "mystery" of the interview is done and I can only hope they believe me and it doesn't go down prosecution route.
I meant to add, once a decision has been made they will call me in to tell me the action- ie paying back and how or court route. I have no issue paying the money back (emotionally) as it wasn't mine to have and I will always be cross at my ignorance. Financially, I'm assuming I can pay direct debit (for eternity!).
I now read every letter that I receive..