Inherited a flat!

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Hello! After a long afternoon searching and getting nowhere, I still don't know if my carers allowance is still allowed. My Mother passed away last month and left me a flat in her will, I am receiving income support alongside carers allowance for a dear friend I lodge with. I'm not sure if I should be claiming income support either?
Congratulations!! If you live in the flat, I believe that you can still claim benefits. Will this be possible?
Carers allowance is NOT means tested. Just has the earnings limit.
Income support IS means tested and the value of a flat would probably mean you wouldn't get any at all, whether you keep the flat or sell it. You would still have capital.
Don't sell the flat unless you absolutely absolutely have to! A place of your own is 'for life' .... no one can evict you, etc etc. It's 'golddust' to own your own home where you can be 'safe' until the day you die....

Far better to give up income support and then say, work the extra that you are allowed to do with Carer's Allowance.

Even if you pay council tax on the flat, it's still much better financially to hang on to the flat, rather than sell it.

Money in bank accounts earns NO interest at all, so no point 'cashing in' the flat.
Please ring or email the Carers UK helpline for excellent advice.
When my husband was made redundant, we were on income support for a short time, and the value of the house was NOT considered because it was our home (so of course we didn't get Housing Benefit).
You do not need to declare it UNTIL ownership has been legally transferred to you. Is there a tenant or family member currently living there?
That's a really good point Colin, and it gives Jane a bit of "breathing space" to ring the helpline and develop a plan.

I seem to remember that we had someone else here who had her own flat but was a carer for a relative and so was "temporarily" sleeping overnight at the carees house. IF this is the case, then that might be a solution for Jane too. She could move most of her possessions into the flat, but still be a carer for someone else.

Jane, do ring the helpline, but as Colin says, don't tell DWP yet, as it's not yet yours. Wait until probate has been granted, the flat legally transferred to you, and your name is down as owner with the Land Registry, all of which will probably take ages!!